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Hero’s Journey: Moana Movie

In the Moana Movie, Moana is a young, beautiful, and adventurous girl born on a pacific island. Moana embarks on an adventure to return the stolen heart of Te Fiti. It is the only way she knows she can save her people and return the island to its prosperous nature. In her attempt to restore the heart, she meets Maui, the mighty demigod, and thief who had stolen the heart. Maui guides Moan in her quest to complete the mission of saving her people and becoming the heroine of the island.

Her father is a chief, and he dreams of handing over the baton of leadership to Moana when his time is over. During her childhood, Moana had a unique experience where the ocean chose her. As a result, Moana became obsessed with the sea and dreamt of sailing far beyond. At one time, calamity falls on the island where fish disappears, and their fruits and vegetation begin to spoil on the farm. Moana feels that she has to go and return the stolen heart, but her father is against sailing far on the ocean. Although Moana first decides to obey her father and focus on her island people and life, the grandmother encourages and mentors her to follow her calling and save the people.

After Moana’s grandmother explains that the island people were once voyages, she takes her to a tomb with boats and canoes that the great-grandparents used to cross and sail. Moana feels it is her calling to return her people to the ocean. However, the only way to do that is to embark on a heroic journey to return the Te Fiti heart. She runs away without her father’s knowledge and goes deep into the ocean on her mission. After meeting Maui, they begin the journey together but must navigate the dangerous waves, enormous monsters, and an angry and destructive Te Fiti. Although the journey is complex and may lead to a fatal outcome, the two heroes approach it with care and bravery to defeat and make the best of their slim chances of success.

When Moana and Maui approach Te Fiti, a fierce fight breaks, leading to Moana’s magic stick breaking and on the brink of destruction. While Maui retreats, Moana does not give up and decides to fight the evil Te Fiti on her own. She uses her new sailing skills to battle evil fiercely and encounters impossible odds. Maui soon returns to Moana’s rescue, and together they manage to return the heart, and the evil Te Fiti turns into a stunning lying island that returns the world to its prosperity.

After their victory, Te Fiti repairs Maui’s broken magic stick, and Moana goes back home to a heroic welcome. Although Moana’s parents were initially against her moving to the ocean and fulfilling her duty, they came to appreciate her efforts, and everyone was happy that the land had become more prosperous once again. The movie follows the twelve stages of the hero’s journey, with Moana emerging as the film’s hero.

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