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Healthy People 2030

Healthy People (HP) is a national effort whose primary goal is to improve the general well-being and health of the American people. HP 2030 is the 5th update of the Healthy People initiative. Its primary role and aim are to challenge and build on the health lessons learned from its first four decades. Surgeon General Julius Richmond initiated Healthy People in 1979 after issuing a report to prevent avoidable injuries and deaths (“Healthy people 2030,” 2021). The initiative has quantifiable, ambitious goals of achieving nationwide health promotion and prevention of diseases for the US within ten years. Since 1990, there has been updates, ten-year Healthy People goals and objectives (HP 2000, 2010, 2020, and now 2030) (“Healthy people 2030,” 2021).

Healthy People 2030 has overarching goals and objectives. Besides the goals and objectives, there are Leading Health Indicators (LHS), which are the small subsets of the top-notch HP 2030 goals and objectives chosen to drive action towards promoting the users’ well-being and health. Leading Health Indicators are related to the goals and objectives of the Healthy People 2030 in that they address significant factors that affect ore causes of diseases and death in America. They also help states, communities, and organizations all over the United States to focus their efforts and resources in improving well-being and health of the American people. Each health people update has its number of Leading Health Indicators. HP 2030 has twenty-three Leading Health Indicators (“Healthy people 2030,” 2021).

A community health profile is a comprehensive compilation of data and information about the health status of a community (County, 1997). The presented data gives information about the health of a certain community from different perspectives. The community may be a multi-county region, a tribe, a location within a county, or the entire county. The community health profile is a critical resource in identifying local communities’ health trends and informing policy and programming decisions (County, 1997). Most of the goals and objectives of the Healthy People initiative are made based on the information and data in the community health profile.

The Bronx is among the poorest urban congressional districts in the United States. Due to poverty, the population in this district suffers high rates of infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, asthma, heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes (Edwards, 2017). Although the Healthy People initiative is intervening and improving health outcomes, the poorer areas still lag. The rate of deaths among blacks and Hispanic Americans is skyrocketing compared to whites, despite their residence area. According to the County Health Ranking, the Bronx is among the communities with the fattest people and the highest child poverty rate (Edwards, 2017). Such trends contribute to the significant rate of child mortality, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the priority health issues in the Bronx district.

Among the core goals of HP 2030 is to enhance health equity, eliminate health disparities, and achieve literacy to promote the well-being and health of all. To promote health equality and eliminate health disparities in Bronx, Heath People collect stories that show how the district address health disparities, advance health, and promote health equity by applying evidence-based strategies and interventions, evaluating the strategies and interventions, and forming multi-sector collaborations (“Healthy people 2030,” 2021).


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