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Healthcare Organization Assessment

The role of healthcare organizations is providing treatment and preventive care services to patients and communities to improve their health. This can be achieved if healthcare services are delivered efficiently in organizations. Hence, Hence, healthcare organizations contain structures, rules, and regulations that enable efficient provision of healthcare services to populations. This essay aims to evaluate a healthcare organization based in the United States (US) and discuss its readiness for the future, strategic plan, potential challenges, and recommend an effective organizational model. Regular assessments help organizations prepare for the future since they enable them to discover current trends and incorporate them into strategic planning.

Cleveland Clinic Health System

Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921 to operate as a nonprofit healthcare organization in the US. The organization is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but has other hospitals and healthcare centers in other states like Florida, Nevada, and Toronto. Furthermore, the organization has expanded to other states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada. Cleveland Clinic has about 11 hospitals and universities in the US that train nurses and offer additional courses in medicine (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-a). It serves nearly 8 million patients in a year. It is ranked one of the best hospitals in the US because it improves healthcare outcomes. Cleveland Clinic is committed to enhancing the well-being of people living in America. It provides a range of healthcare services to patients and engages in community project to improve the health of populations in America (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-a). The organization supports diversity and inclusion by including healthcare professionals from minority communities into the workforce team. In addition, it supports research and innovation to foster improvements in healthcare.

Readiness Assessment

Readiness assessment is conducted to determine if an organization is ready for the future. The healthcare industry is expected to change because of the emerging trends. Therefore, healthcare organizations should be ready to tackle the incoming changes. One expected change in healthcare in the future is increased population diversity. Cleveland Clinic is ready to provide care to people from diverse groups because it fosters inclusion and diversify (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-b). The organization has also employed workers from diverse groups who will provide culturally competent care to people from minority groups.

Another trend in the healthcare industry is increased demand of healthcare services. A large proportion of the current population consists of aged people who require quality care because they are more likely to get infected. The organization is ready to address the increasing demand for healthcare services because it has employed enough healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-d). It also supports nursing education to facilitate the training of future nurses who will meet the demands of populations.

Furthermore, there is rapid advancements of technology in the healthcare industry. In the coming years, hospitals will be using modern technologies to provide patient care to improve health outcomes and reduce medical errors. Cleveland Clinic is prepared to adopt new technology because it has invested in research andand innovations to facilitate improvements of technology (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-c). The use of modern technologies in medical care will improve the quality of healthcare services.

The other anticipated change in healthcare is the increasing cost of healthcare products and services. Healthcare costs are increasing overtime, and hospitals are forced to incur additional expenses to provide quality care. The organization is ready for the increasing cost of healthcare. It has adequate finances to serve large populations in the future (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-a). This, Cleveland Clinic is prepared for the future.

Strategic Plan

Strategic plans are important because they help organizations achieve their goals and solve challenges. Cleveland Clinic requires an effective strategic plan that will enable it to improve healthcare delivery in the country. The first strategic plan of the organization should be to increase its network. Organizations with more extensive networks can serve larger populations and establish partnerships with other organizations easily. The organization will increase its network if it expands its services to other regions (Cleveland Clinic, 2022-d). It will also provide a wide range of services to reach more people and increase its network.

The other plan of the organization should be improving nursing staffing There is a need to improve nursing staff in healthcare organizations because they is a high demand for healthcare services. Therefore, the organization needs to enforce measures to improve nursing staffing to prevent shortages and increase healthcare accessibility. To achieve this goal, the organization will support nursing education by providing sponsorships to encourage students to pursue nursing careers. Nursing education helps to increase the nursing workforce to meet the healthcare demands of populations (Beitz, 2019). In addition, the organization should establish a committee to ensure nurses are hired when the demand for healthcare increases.

Cleveland Clinic needs to work on improving patient satisfaction. Patients require safe and quality care to improve health outcomes. The organization will get more clients if it enhances the quality of its services to improve patient satisfaction. The organization will use modern technologies to provide care to improve patient satisfaction. Modern technologies like telemedicine improve patient outcomes because they help nurses to monitor patients after discharge (Ramaswamy et al., 2020). It will also hire qualified healthcare providers to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, the organization should include resource management in the strategic plan. There is a need to plan how resources are used in healthcare organizations because they are inadequate. Resource management will also ensure equal distribution of health resources in communities. In addition, it will improve human resource management associated with improved performance in organizations. (Gile et al., 2018). Cleveland Clinic health organization will ensure effective leadership and management in hospitals to regulate the distribution of health resources.

Potential Challenges Facing the Organization

Organizations in the healthcare industry are prone to challenges because of the ongoing changes in the system. An issue that is likely to affect Cleveland Clinic healthcare organization is the shortage of nursing workforce. The demand for nurses is expected to increase in the future because healthcare needs are increasing in populations (Beitz, 2019). Also, nursing roles are changing and nurses have to be enough in a hospital setting to perform all roles effectively. This problem can hinder the organization from improving patient satisfaction. Therefore, the healthcare organization should train and hire more nurses to meet the demands of populations.

Organizational Theory

For Cleveland Clinic healthcare organizations to implement it’s strategic plan, it should use an effective organizational theory to govern its structures and employees. The appropriate organizational theory that the company can use is classical organizational theory. This model uses a scientific approach in management. It emphasizes on division of labour to improve productivity (Helbig, 2018). It also emphasizes authority and responsibility. The managers at the top positions enforce rules and assign tasks, and employees at the lower positions execute the commands from above. This organizational model will help the organization address the shortage of nurses by ensuring a division of labour in hospitals to meet the demands of the population. Besides, it will improve leadership and management in the organization. This, Cleveland Clinic should adopt the classical organizational model.


Cleveland Clinic delivers long-term care to patients in all parts of the country. The readiness assessment reveals that the organization is prepared for the future because it promotes inclusion and diversity in its institutions and fosters the development of new technologies. Besides, the organization is training more nurses to increase its workforce to address the increasing healthcare demands in the future. Cleveland Clinic will succeed if it uses the classical organizational theory in leadership and management.


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