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Global Warming: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

Global warming is a scientific phenomenon related to increased atmospheric temperatures. Although global warming has existed for decades, it has become a global concern in the recent past because of natural and human activities which have detrimental effects. This essay discusses some critical facts about global warming and its impacts on the entire planet. It also recommends practical solutions towards minimizing its harmful effects of global warming.


According to Stewart (2010), the causes of global warming could be broadly categorized into human influences and natural cause. The human influences are modern human activities such as industrial production, mining, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and cattle farming. As a result of industrial production and use of fossil fuels, massive carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Mining is another human activity that has resulted in methane gas being trapped below the earth causing high atmospheric temperatures. Deforestation is a major world concern as the demand for papers, wood, and timber for building houses has increased tremendously. As deforestation increases, there are fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide, so it concentrates in the atmosphere causing global warming.

Besides human influences, natural causes such as earth rotation, volcanic eruptions, and greenhouse gases also lead to global warming. The greenhouse gases like Sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide cause earth atmospheric temperatures to rise as they trap solar rays preventing it from escaping from the earth surface (Stewart, 2010). When they occur, volcanos release into the atmosphere huge volumes of greenhouse gases including ash and carbon dioxide which trap solar rays causing global warming. Methane, which traps solar heat twenty times more than carbon dioxide is also a natural cause. It is a greenhouse gas which is released from burning natural gases and mining.


Extreme weather is one of the most obvious negative impacts of global warming. Johnson (2009) notes that the rapid change in weather patterns witnessed in many parts of the world are as a result of increased atmospheric temperatures. The extremely high or low rains in certain parts of the world affect the balance needed for plants and animals survival. Climate change is also attributed to health challenges, lack of food, and the migration of animals. Additionally, global warming has created thousands of natural disasters as events with greater intensity continue to occur.

The effects of increased earth temperatures on certain animal species are expected to be intense and widespread. Massive migration of animals from the equator towards north and south poles in search of favorable conditions is being witnessed. Other animal species become extinct as they are unable to survive under extreme weather conditions. It is estimated that global warming may cause the extinction of approximately 30% of animals and plants by 2080 (Johnson, 2009). Human beings are also at risk of contracting infectious diseases as a result of global warming. The quality of air that human beings breathe is compromised by global warming. The excessive carbon dioxide and other emissions cause air pollution damaging the respiratory system. More than ever before, a lot of people are suffering from respiratory illnesses.


Shahzad (2015) recommends that human beings should cut down the consumption of fossil fuels by buying hybrid cars that are less polluting in order to reduce the impacts of global warming. Recycling is another way to reduce the impacts of global warming on society. Recycling helps in reducing garbage and deforestation at the same time, hence saving the environment. Governments should invest more in natives that aim at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Any program that reduces the consumption of gasoline and electricity should attract government attention. Governments should also consider banning deforestation to tame the increasing earth temperatures. Trees are necessary for improving temperatures on the earth surface.

In conclusion, global warming is a serious issue as indicated in this essay. Human beings need to understand its causes, and how it affects the world as a whole. Different parts of the world must appreciate why acting promptly to mitigate the impacts of global warming is necessary. Everyone on this planet must be part of the solution in order to prevent global warming.


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