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Genre of Music

Music does feel the soul and relaxes our minds. Music has always been a way of expressing feelings and emotions and giving stories. I, therefore, focus on the Pop dance electronic jazz genre of music. The origin of pop dance in America was in the year 1980. The word “pop” is from the word Populus. Dance-pop music could be created and produced by records producers who would later hire singers for the song performance in raves, radio, and parties.

I choose to indulge in this particular genre because of my favorite artist Lady Gaga. She is one girl who is talented and has a good voice. I can testify that a day can’t go by without listening to her albums that I love so much. I do love the pop genre because of its simple pattern and rhythms. Human brains are proved to have liked patterns and rhythms, which will make them easy to remember (Campbell, Richard, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos,2011). The pattern in the music makes it more attractive, easy, and engaging. The simple patterns are easy to pick, and that’s why our brains do like them. A pattern will always add to us the rhythm and musicality of the song, and what makes us long is the rhythm. One can sing along and dance with the music lyrics and beats with a nice rhythm. In pop, there is a repetitive nature of the patterns, rhythms, and lyrics since most of the songs will always revolve around themes and topics which are the same. And with all this, I do prefer pop music against other genres.

Pop music has a louder volume compared to other types of genres. After analyzing and researching, I found that pop music is always louder than the songs in the different genres. I do believe that there is a reason behind their loudness. The pop music will sound much louder even if played at the same volume as the other songs since, during recording, their volume is always amplified to make them louder. The loudness of music easily and quickly attracts the attention of people. The louder and more attractive the song is, the more it gets attention from the audience. The more and more people listen to music, the more its popularity is gained.

I can establish a link between pop dance, electronic jazz music with pleasure by glancing at how I always express my pleasure through dancing. The more participants we enjoy ourselves, the more we dance, thus finding it a pleasurable music track.

Pop music gives me a positive mood and a high level of happiness while reducing the negative emotions. Classical music reduces the cortisol of our body that responds to stress. My mind is also simulated to follow the rhythms from the music patterns made by different instruments. Electrical jazz also inspires creativity by causing one to think out of the box after listening to the musical notes. Conclusion: there is also a calming effect by lowering the respiratory and heart rate of our nervous system.

Some of the great messages in Lady Gaga’s album “Born This way” are: “Don’t be drag, just be a queen or whether you’re broke or evergreen,” “I love my life, I love this record, and / Mi amore vole fe yah (love needs faith).” “So Happy I Could Die “from The Fame Monster has a great message such as “Be your best friend, yeah, I’ll love you forever / Up in the clouds, we’ll be higher than ever.”


Campbell, Richard, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos. Media and culture: An introduction to mass communication. Macmillan, 2011.


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