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Financial Considerations in Change Project Development


Change is unavoidable in organizational growth and may be precipitated by technological advancements, government regulations, market competition and organizational goals. While change can bring many advantages, its implementation must consider any financial ramifications to avoid negative repercussions or unexpected limitations in implementing said change project development. This paper will discuss the financial considerations, limitations, and benefits associated with the development of a change project.

Costs of Change Project Development

One of the key financial considerations when developing change projects is the cost of implementation. A change project implementation may consume financial, time, and personnel resources in planning and executing changes, training personnel, purchasing equipment or materials, and recruiting staff (Marquis & Huston, 2021). Cost can depend on various aspects such as the scope of changes implemented, size and resistance levels to change within an organization, and any costs involved with its implementation. Therefore, conducting a cost or benefit analysis prior to undertaking such initiatives is recommended to determine whether benefits outweigh costs before starting one is implemented (Marquis & Huston, 2021).

Benefits of Change Project Development

Change project development comes at a financial cost. However, its implementation can yield many tangible advantages that far outweigh this expense. One primary benefit associated with change project implementation is increased efficiency and productivity. Change projects often focus on improving organizational processes, decreasing waste and increasing efficiency. One such change project that has proven its worth in improving efficiencies in healthcare organizations was the introduction of electronic health records. These records increased efficiency while decreasing errors (Wazen, Smith & Daugherty, 2019). The development of change projects also brings improvements in service or product quality, helping organizations identify areas for improvement and implement plans to raise it, leading to customer loyalty increases that could bring increased revenues for your organization.

Limitations of Change Project Development

Though change project development brings many benefits, certain drawbacks also need to be considered. One such drawback of change project development is resistance to change which must also be carefully managed during its creation and development. Resistance to change often arises from fear, distrust in leadership or an urge to maintain the status quo (Marquis & Huston, 2021). Reacting this way requires time, personnel and financial resources in order to address concerns raised by those resisting change. Another difficulty associated with change project development is its potential for unexpected outcomes. Change projects often have unintended and unpredictable results that take time to anticipate. For instance, adopting new technology may entail the reduction of job roles due to automation resulting in job cuts or restructuring plans being put in place as a consequence.

Financial Considerations in Change Project Development

Financial Ramifications

As part of any change project, it is essential to consider its financial ramifications carefully. A cost-benefit analysis is one such consideration which compares implementation costs against any realized benefits. Such benefits include improved efficiency or quality measures, more significant revenue or decreased expenses (Wazen, Smith & Daugherty, 2019). Costs related to implementation could include new equipment purchases, personnel requirements, and training costs associated with implementation. In this manner, you may determine whether your change project can financially sustain itself.

Budget planning

Budget planning for change projects should also be carefully considered since a budget outlines expected costs and revenues associated with said change project. A realistic budget that considers any risks or unexpected costs during implementation should be created and reviewed regularly during its course to ensure it stays within allocated financial resources. As part of any change project, it is equally as essential to carefully consider funding sources (Wazen, Smith & Daugherty, 2019). These could range from internal funds, grants or loans from outside sources. Their terms must match your project goals and objectives for maximum impact.

Potential Return On Investment (ROI)

Return On Investment measures potential financial benefit expected to accrue from change project development relative to associated costs. ROI calculations can be completed by comparing expected revenues from the change project with associated implementation expenses. If ROI projections exceed expected profits, such projects should be seen as financially sustainable (Wazen, Smith & Daugherty, 2019).


In conclusion, Financial considerations are of critical importance in developing any change project, from its costs and benefits to limitations and funding sources, budget considerations, funding source considerations and ROI calculations. By carefully considering these financial elements as they develop the project, organizations can avoid potential financial risks while increasing the chances of its success and ensuring its viability.


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