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Final Integration Project Assignment: Christianity and Leadership

Throughout my spiritual journey and personal growth, I have admired becoming a great leader in whatever capacity that God shall allow me to serve. A leader is one who can lead, command or organize others to realize the set goals. An admirable leader is one with confidence, serves with integrity, and is accountable in his work. This leader also serves with passion and empowers the group. I have only seen one leader with such qualities- Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and I admire her because she mentors me in my spiritual journey.

People know her as a great leader and a humanitarian in history who devoted her life to taking care of the less fortunate in the slums of Calcutta (Biography Online, n.d.). I admire her effort of acting as a pillar of compassion in the society. She set out a mission to cater for spiritual needs of the poor and the sick within Calcutta. It is a noble duty to which God calls us to undertake when we read the events in Jesus’ life.

Mother Teresa joined other nuns in Ireland while still young. She wanted to train with other sisters. I like this enthusiasm and willingness to work with others. As a Christian, I admire such qualities and urge. She took her official religious vow in India in 1931 (Biography Online, n.d.). Christian teachings encourage that marriage is secrete and people can only vow when ready because it does not have a chance to go back. Mother Teresa’s act taught me a lot because I also did the same under a priest. God has blessed me with three children and I am proud that they are growing in Godly ways.

When she landed in India, Saint Mother Teresa saw the widespread poverty among Indians and the situation touched her heart. She instituted a new order-The Missionary of Charity whose aim was to take care of people who had nobody to care for them. This act reflects a true leader who rises to the occasion to inspire and command a situation in the right approach. Later, she opened the first care home in 1952 to care for the dying population. This act touches my soul because in our Christian journey, we learn that we should help the poor, those in prisons, and the sick. She teaches me a lot through her works.

St. Mother Teresa kept her faith as she spread the good deeds of charity to other regions of the world. By 2013, she had about seven hundred missions in 130 nations. The mission had many categories of needy people ranging from orphans, people with disabilities, and those living with HIV/AIDS. One astonishing act I learn from her is the selfless nature she exhibited during the 1979 awards. She declined $192,000 and asked that they use the money to cater for the needs of the poor population (Biography Online, n.d.). This act is one of the rarest acts in today’s society. It was only Jesus who had a selfless nature to the extent of dying for our sinful nature. I learn that as a Christian, I must not be selfish with my wealth. I should use my wealth for God’s work.

I learn that as a Christian, I must struggle to become a servant leader. Saint Mother Teresa was a servant leader. She was a leader whose main agenda was service to God and people. As I carry on with my spiritual journey, I see many positive and admirable virtues in Teresa. I admire to be the future Teresa in my state. I am certain that if all people lived a life like the one Teresa lived, the world we live in will be the best place for all.


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