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Fight for Human Rights

Introduction: Contextualisation and Thesis statement

For a long time, the United States has involved itself in various issues around human rights and liberty among its citizens. Precisely, the fight for human rights is an issue that is evident in various aspects of the country. This fight dates back to times before the Declaration of Independence and the acquisition of the Constitution. Such an analogy provides an avenue for analyzing the historical context of the issue and relating it to the present state. Hence, this paper seeks to ascertain the fight for human rights among United States citizens. This process would utilize the views of scholars and authors, including Dr. Martin Luther King, among others.

Body Paragraph

Document 1

United States people of color are known to fight for their rights for a long time. The speech by Dr. Martin Luther King indicates the complexity of the fight for human rights in the United States among the people of color. For example, the prevalent issues before the Constitution include injustice against black people and limiting their freedom. These issues have a significant impact on the lives of these individuals. The speech “I have a dream” aims to emphasize the need for equal treatment of United States citizens regardless of the existing stereotyping. Through his speech, Dr. Martin Luther King championed justice and freedom among United States citizens.

Document 2

Native Americans fought for their rights as they protested the occupation of Alcatraz. Indian movements during this period were critical in reclaiming their land. The document provides an overview of the events during this occupation. Ideally, the fight took a long time before its success. The resistance and associated torture among the protestors was a key factor that motivated them to reclaim their ancestral land. It is essential to consider the provisions in this document to understand the prevalent issue. Thus, using this document provides essential information needed for understanding the issues that Native Americans faced in their struggle against dispossession by the elite.

Outside Evidence

The black power movement was a revolutionary movement between the 1960s and 1970s (Pruitt, 2020). This movement is known to exist during a period when social movements formed an important factor in society. Specifically, the black power movement considered several principles that guided their actions. These included racial pride, self-determination, and autonomy alongside equality among all people, majorly those of African descent. Ideally, Malcolm X’s assassination motivated social movements toward the need to fight for these principles. Black Americans considered creating their social, political, and economic power instead of seeking integration with the whites in society. Hence, embracing such issues as equality and freedom among members of society was essential to societal wellbeing in the United States.


In conclusion, the fight for human rights is an issue that has dominated the United States arena for a considerable time. The social movements among the people of color and the Native Americans show a considerable violation of human rights in almost all facets of society. Such moves delivering speeches used by Dr. Martin Luther King and Native American protests alongside black power movements formed an essential aspect that led to the transformation of society. Such events as the acquisition of the Constitution were essential factors that occurred during this period. However, they had a limited impact on the issues considered in this paper. Hence, human rights is an issue common to United States citizens.


Pruitt, S. (2020, February 20). How the Black power movement influenced the civil rights movement. HISTORY.


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