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Feminism vs. Marriage


The growth of feminism in today’s society has caused numerous adverse effects in various institutions, including marriage, the workplace, and politics. In the early days, the founders wanted to empower women, an aspect that has changed. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, feminist founders realized the significance of respecting women’s rights and diverse capabilities. However, the institution of marriage has become a contemporary issue, where many marriages are broken due to this notion. Feminism has destroyed marriages where women strive to prove to men that they are independent, manifesting in violence, single motherhood, promiscuity, and a frustrated male gender.

The Rising Domestic Violence

Most women have taken feminism to the next level by trying to show men that they are physically capable. Currently, there is a high misleading notion of fighting for women’s space in society, in which some women think they can fit in men’s roles. Thus, one is likely to hear about cases where women have been abused or assaulted (Perina). Ideally, this case occurs because the victims believe they have the right and equality in fighting men, forgetting the masculinity’s effects. Further, scholars have depicted that many marriages have undergone severe domestic violence due to wrong feminist interpretations (Perina). Notably, the growing feminism in today’s society has caused unnecessary battles and battery on women due to their ignorance and false belief.

Single Motherhood

Feminism has led to a broken institution of marriage, as it goes against the initial purpose of this holy union. Severally, women have tried to enjoy their constitutional rights, thereby compromising their dignity in society. For example, in America, about 40% of children are born to single mothers (Charen). Admittedly, advancing feminism has misled many women, prompting them to have children outside wedlock. Therefore, this contemporary issue has become an alarming concern, that society should reevaluate.

Feminist proprietors wanted to empower women to facilitate better relationships and marriages. Despite this clear path and intent, women have gone the extra mile to remind their spouses that marriage is not compulsory, causing them to be single mothers. For example, a study conducted in 2012 says, “Katie Roiphe, feminist and mother of two children by different fathers, condemned concerns about single motherhood” (Charen). Indeed, marriage has been negatively affected by the growth in feminism, a factor that has become rampant and vivid.


This practice has turned into a norm, considering that women view marriage as an option but not a respected institution. In this case, experts argue that most women have resorted to going outside their wedlock by having extramarital affairs. Primarily, the perpetrators have failed to realize the importance of protecting their marriage dignity on the mere basis of an empowered gender (Ziwica). Alternatively, it could be said that marriage is no longer viewed as a vital aspect, judging by how women have decided to engage in promiscuity. Consequently, these misconceptions and women’s misled views have caused frustration among men. Specifically, men have begun responding to this pressure by seeking a divorce to attain peace of mind and shun dramatic marriage life (Ziwica). Agreeably, over the news and from other relevant sources of information, one would notice a rising trend in divorce due to men’s frustration.


Feminism’s first purpose sought to empower women and uphold their respect without causing chaos or breaking the marriage institution. Notably, women have adopted the wrong notion of feminism, causing the discussed effects. Further, men have reacted to women’s misled feminist quest, forcing them to engage in actions that wreck marriages. Overall, women are blamed for the numerous broken marriages, supported by their wrong view on empowerment and equality.

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