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FDR’s Perspective of Liberty

FDR articulated a new definition of liberty. In his perspective, freedom should equip individuals with the security they need to be economically empowered amid numerous disparities between the poor and the affluent. It freed individuals from the economic slavery that elucidates lack of control over the economic activities. The form of liberty bestowed on the common man the right to engage in activities that impact the country’s economic climate.

A new deal program was structured to disseminate financial security to the masses using different strategies. Firstly, it provided work for those who lacked employment. The WPA initiative helped secure work for the country’s citizens by deploying them in government-led projects such as building infrastructures like roads, schools, and highways (Foner, 2013). The strategy ensured that the citizens of the country had the finances they needed for sustenance. Another initiative that was fundamental in offering security to the community members was the instigation of the social security act. The social security act had precepts that promoted the issuance of a stipend to workers after they had retired from active service. The help that the older adults receive from the government would be fundamental in ensuring that those who still have young children who depend on them after they have retired have adequate finances to cater to their day-to-day needs (Foner, 2013). It was also essentially in meeting the needs of those who have physical incapacitations.

The new deal program also intended to foster the financial security of the American citizens by reviving the operations of the banking facilities. Revitalizing the functions of the money lending facilities would ensure that individuals can access funds for personal and business use (Foner, 2013). it also promoted the security of the individuals by encouraging workers to join unions where deliberations can be conducted to ensure that all the workers are paid well and that a minimum salary levels is fixed to ensure that employers do not take advantage of their workers by paying them poorly.

The new deal succeeded in fostering the financial security of the citizens of the country. It triggered numerous activities that were meant to improve the functionality of the citizens of the country. For example, the social security act ensured that older adults in society who were vulnerable population had adequate funds to cater to their needs despite their inability to engage in constructive activities (Foner, 2013). Subsequently, financial freedom was obtained by creating employment for the masses to ensure that they had adequate funds to spend and stimulate the growth of the country’s economic activity.

In conclusion, FDR’s impression of liberty is a situation where individuals have the freedom that safeguards their well-being. One of the aspects that the regulatory stipulations aimed at safeguarding was security. The new deal ensured that the masses were protected through tenets such as WPA that helped them access job opportunities that ensured they had the funds they needed for self-sustenance. However, the new deal was not effective enough because it initialized the program, which had gaps that prevented them from meeting the populace’s needs effectively.


Foner, E. (2013). Give Me Liberty! An American History: Seagull Fourth Edition (Vol. 1). WW Norton & Company.


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