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Extended Definition of Family

The word family is subjective since individuals have different perceptions and understanding of the right definition of the word family. Generally, the word family is perceived as a unit of social network amongst individuals related together; that is a composition of a father, mother and children (Sprecher 283). In addition, family include extended members other than the nuclear members, such as cousins, grandparents and other relatives in the same bloodline. The traditional understanding of a family has been replaced by other definitions, which vary from person to person. Therefore, the essay explores the extended definition of the word ‘family’ in society.

There are various definitions and models f family, which include people related based on blood, social class, education level, religion and social interactions in daily activities. Regardless of which model one believes in, family plays a critical role in shaping an individual. For instance, if one is unwell and needs a blood transfusion, the doctors mostly advise the individual to seek help from blood-related family members since they are more likely to be of the same blood group compared to strangers, those not related by blood (Kokorelias 4). In this case, the word family would refer to members of the society related by blood.

Moreover, a family is defined as a group of members of society who share a strong bond of care and social interactions. Members of society who care about one another and help each other when needed. Such a family consists of friends and other members of society who understand the individual’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and way of life. Members of this kind of family are not necessarily related by blood, work, religion or sharing any social group. However, they know, understand and help each other in their time of need.

Nonetheless, family is also defined scientifically as a group of organisms sharing the same attributes and with a taxonomic rank between genus and order. Under this definition, organisms are grouped depending on their taxonomic level and given specific scientific names. Like the other types of families, a family in science consists of organisms sharing similar characteristics, which are used to differentiate them from the others. However, in such a family, members do not know each other but share similar attributes. This type of family differs from the other definitions of the family since this involves all living organisms while the other definitions only facto human beings.

Moreover, the word family refers not only to living things but is also used when referring to a group of items, products, or programs with similar attributes. Television programs, which show relationships between individuals related by blood or bonded together by the institution of marriage, are often referred to as family programs. In addition, this definition also acknowledges the programs to be favourable to be watched by family members without creating an unfriendly atmosphere. This definition constitutes non-living things sharing a common attribute depending on a particular individual’s perspective.

Family can also be defined as the smallest institution of governance formed through a marriage covenant. In this definition, a family is a group of individuals living together in harmony where they have some form of order. This could be a husband, wife and children where the husband is the breadwinner and the wife takes care of family chores. The father and the mother make the rules that the children must follow. This type of family could also consist of a friend living together but with some rules and regulations to govern day-to-day activities. Therefore, the family is the smallest unit of governance where the head helps install law and order.

Therefore, the optimum definition of family should refer to a group of people with similar attributes living together in mutual understanding with some rules and regulations to enforce law and order. However, the definition can be criticized for only referring to members living together; hence a sibling may not be referred to as a family member when he starts to live separately. The definition is also conflicting since it acknowledges the word to only refer to human beings. Nevertheless, it may also refer to non-living things and television programs.

In conclusion, the word family has many meanings and definitions, which vary from one person to another. However, the most acceptable definition of the word family involves members of society who live together with mutual understanding and some rules and regulations governing them. The other definitions are only used in specific contexts, like the scientific definition, which is only used in science. Finally, the word family is subjective, and its definition can only be derived depending on the context of the conversation and the conversing parties. People have different sociolinguistic behaviours depending on the environment, context, gender, and age; hence, definitions of words keep changing. Change is inevitable, and people should be ready to accept the changing definitions of words.

  1. What is the significance of your essay?

The essay aims to inform and educate the audience on the many definitions of ‘family’. The essay helps the reader to understand who should be considered as family and helps in sociolinguistic behaviour in society.

  1. What areas of your draft will benefit most from revision?

I am not certain if the flow of ideas in the essay is effective because I have yet to use any specific format to arrange them. Therefore, the flow of definitions and ideas would be the most affected.

  1. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. How can you capitalize on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses in future essays?

I have generated several definitions of the word family, which is my strength. On the other hand, I have struggled to formulate the most effective definition for the word family. I could not formulate an ideal definition that would accommodate all aspects of the word ‘family’ in all contexts.

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