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Exploring the Black Lives Matter Social Movement

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an online international social movement cofounded in 2013 by Opal Tometi, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Alicia Garza. The main goal of the BLM movement was to fight racism and the violence on black people that mainly happened through police brutality. Black people in the US are considered more likely to be exposed to police brutality when compared to white people. Therefore the BLM movements emphasized the demand that the humanity and lives of black people should be valued by society the same way white people are valued. The following is an analysis of the BLM movement on how it carries out its operations.

The intended message is to eliminate white supremacy and establish local power that looks into violence inflicted on black people by the vigilantes and state. The formation of BLM happened after a man of Peruvian and German descent, George Zimmerman, was acquitted from his brutal killing of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager in Florida. Cases of police brutality were becoming common, and therefore the safety of black people was questionable. People need to understand that it is not right to discriminate against black people because of their race. The laws do not support racism, but since most of the people in power are of the white race, you will find that nothing much is done to stop incidences of racism.

The intended audience is all people across the globe, even though the specific target was the incidences of police brutality in the US, UK, and Canada. Most people who have access to the internet were also targeted because the organization was an online movement. Many people nowadays have access to the internet and therefore use their #blacklivesmatter. There are various activities and events that the BLM movement has engaged and they include the Black xmass event. Black xmass event is all about rolling about the Black Friday sales in advance of thanksgiving, and the message by the white supremacist-capitalism is that people should spend their money on things that they do not need to obtain profits for corporations.

The BLM movement also participated in the People Response Act Day event co-hosted by Movement for Black lives, Color of Change, Essie Justice Group, and the Civil Rights Corps. The events aimed to increase awareness, hold discussions concerning the public’s safety, and influence people to support the People’s Response Act legislation. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2021 also joined the Black Panther Party alumni, leaders, and other people across the globe to unveil the Dr. Huey Newton statue. The memorial statue recognized the courage and dedication that Dr. Huey portrayed while in the movement.

For the message to reach the intended audience, many events are held whereby the BLM movement co-host and deliver its message. The slogan #blacklivesmatter is also attached to most online news media sources so that whenever people watch the news, they come across the movement. People are also encouraged to share the movement’s message across all social media platforms. Several visual images are attached to the website, and they contain critical information concerning the goals of the campaign. For instance, the movement slogan ‘#blacklivesmatter’ is written in white, but the surrounding dominant color is black to emphasize supporting black people. The images also signify that black and white people can live in the same society in peace.

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