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Essay on Women’s Suffrage

The right to vote was the declaration of rights of the women in the united state issued by the national women association and was fought for longer than a decade for the constitution to be amended and guarantee women’s right to elect their leaders. This was important because it meant they were now playing a part in the law-making process, the law that they were also obliged to follow just like men. The flyer distributed by the NASWA during their convention in Washington D.C IN 1900 indicates an unclear moment in the history of the women’s rights movements in America. Through that moment, Olivia sage emerged as an advocate for women’s rights, with other prominent leaders, she came up with reforms that helped in the legislation of women’s rights. Niagara movement stated their stand of not allowing the impression to remain African American assents as inferior and always apologetic before insults. They pushed for all Americans to obey the laws as mandated by the constitution.

As the term progressive suggests to as a symbol of different political groups which might not necessarily have the same goal, but they share the same ambition to repute social biases and advocate for education to solve the problem within our society at the time, which were racism, classism, poverty, and other social violence (Fillard, Claudette,2019). The main objective of the progressive was to push for reforms that addressed economic reform, efficiency, and social welfare. For this reason, they accommodated a political movement that aimed to show interest in the rights of the common people by pushing for change and government support.

Perfection in democracy is one of the unique tools used by the progressive for the growth and health of the country, as through democracy, citizens will have more control of the government. As such, the government system will shift to address the needs of the citizens. In the push for democracy, they came up with reforms that restored the democratic process: initiation, referendum, and recall. The initiative state permitted the people to enact legislation of the right to vote. The referendum allowed the citizens to counteract legislation passed against their wishes and interest. And lastly, democracy to recall allowed citizens to remove an incompetent public servant from office through petition and voting. The value of the progress from this first document is the innovations that pushed America to enjoy the democratic rights currently experienced and is termed as one of the best democratic countries in the world.

The progressive ideal of social justice served to help those who suffered from the inequalities, such as the African American, ethnics group, and women. Progressive worked hard to see women are educated and have better health care (Quan Jamel.2020). They also pushed for the formation of the national child labor committee, which later banned children from being exposed to the industrial sector.

Radical progressive was an era that American leaders were thought to be radicalized beyond redemption, and they thought America was beyond the reforms that progressives were pushing. But this gave progressive more reason to push for social justice by bringing equality to all Americans regardless of race, class which progressive termed to be dangerous and might poison democracy.

Lastly, progressive despite their well-fought effort to make the government accountable to its citizens, they also fought to eliminate the politics of corruption and inefficiency. It was the course taken as people were frustrated by the levels of corruption and biases, which was at the taxpayers’ expense. They pushed to change the rapidly growing system of corruption.


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Progressive at the grassroot.


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