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Essay on Rehabilitation

Beaumont physical therapy and rehab centers offer customized treatment to enhance the clients’ ability to move, function, and minimize pain. The facility comprises rehabilitation specialists and physical therapists licensed in the healthcare industry. They concentrate on assisting clients in maximizing their movement potential, enhancing their full strength and wellness, and reducing injury risk. The facility’s primary goal is to offer clients quality health care and accomplish the community’s specific health goals. Other treatments provided by the facility are incontinence treatment, pre-and postpartum pain management, recovery from surgery and sport-related injuries, neurological rehabilitation, and aquatic rehabilitation.

The primary mission of Beaumont is to offer a comprehensive model and innovative rehabilitation care through the center for Exceptional Families medical home. The facility ensures it protects clients, especially children living with special needs, throughout their journey. The facility advocates for health, education, community inclusion, and independence. Children enrolled in the facility learn to negotiate their joys and realities of living with various disabilities and focus on growing into adults who pursue their goals. The facility treats all developmental diagnoses, disorders, and disabilities. The children found in the institution vary from mildly developmentally delayed to some living with fragile health issues. Most of the children in the center suffer from genetic syndromes, intellectual disabilities, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy. Other health issues that the facility deals with are associated with accidents, traumatic births, and illnesses. The facility offers exceptional rehabilitation services in physical, speech swallowing, and occupational therapies that help the children have the autonomy and skills that allow them to indulge in the environment they live in. The facilities therapies are skilled in assistive technology, sensory processing, casting and splinting, gait training, and wheelchair and equipment assessment.

A rehabilitation specialist helps individuals with mental or physical disabilities readapt to living their daily lives independently. They have the duty of offering coordination of the client’s needs with the care they will receive. This responsibility entails teaching skills to the clients to enable them to function and school well in the social setting (Paravati et al., 2017). The specialist also evaluates the client’s eligibility for community service and offers guidance and counseling. Finally, a rehabilitation specialist must monitor and record client progress and collaborate with other teams and community agencies.

Rehabilitation refers to a set of interventions tailored to optimize an individual’s functioning to reduce disabilities, improve their health conditions, and the independence to interact with the community. There are three kinds of rehabilitation therapy: speech, occupational and physical. The three have different purposes for an individual’s complete recovery, but they share common goals of ensuring that the patient gets a healthy and active lifestyle. Rehabilitation therapy is incorporated in treating a variety of conditions and injuries. The most common issues treated through therapy are musculoskeletal injuries like strains or post-surgical rehabilitation and injuries caused by accidents or health conditions. Rehabilitation also offers treatment for illnesses like degenerative diseases and genetic conditions. The end of rehabilitation varies from one individual to another. Different patients require different therapies (Fernandes, et al, 2020). For instance, some may need music or recreational therapy, whereas others require occupational, speech, and physical therapy. Other strategies required are therapeutic exercise, neurological reeducation, manual therapy, and modalities to relieve pain.

In conclusion, rehabilitation is crucial as it minimizes the influence of many health conditions, including chronic illnesses. It also helps complement other health interventions like a surgical intervention to enable quality care (Paravati et al., 2017). Finally, rehabilitation helps to reduce the disabling impacts of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.


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