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Essay on Developmental Skills


Reflection is a key skill that students should have to improve their personal and professional life. We tend to remember only 20% of what we learn each day, and using reflection can help in improving the percentage. Reflection is key in looking back to incidents that happened in the last six months to make sense of them and keep improving through our personal and professional life (McLeod, 2017, p.5). These incident evaluations can also e key in helping other people learn from their own experiences, hence impacting their lives to avoid making any mistakes. For anyone to achieve academic, employability, and wellbeing goals, the reflection will be a key part of that process to identify your strength and weakness. It will also help develop a proper plan and objectives for future improvements. Reflection has evolved with good methods that can help accomplish the task in recent times. The paper will use Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle to reflect on the module’s learning and development of goals.

This report includes the identification of two developmental goals. They are academic and well-being goals. My academic goal was to understand the supply chain management course. Also, attaining the highest results is essential, measured through the assessments. Achieving the academic goals included using discussion groups to share ideas attain the best understanding. The course included visiting the nearby fruit processing plant to make the work more practical and realistic. All the above were linked together to achieve the main academic goal of understanding the course work in one year. The report reflects on the well-being goal during the supply chain management course study. Physical activities were to be considered in the course study that included participating in a task in fruit processing. Social relation was to be exercised in the field by communicating to the employees and the management in the plant. Learning activities were to be observed through focus groups and discussions. Awareness in the course work was relevant to ensure social well-being. Discipline was given out by each student participating in group discussions to achieve the well-being goal.

Reflection on Academic Skills Development

Research skill development was considered in the study of the course. The lack of practical knowledge on supply chain management led to a survey on the subject. We did research on supply chain management in a fruit processing plant. The assessment was done on the performance of the workers in the plant and the particular skill they required. Research on management skills was exercised to promote the particular skill by questioning the management. We retrieved a masterpiece of management skills. The managers did not give their supply and sales an entire outlay to keep some privacy for their plant. Numerous research was considered to retrieve more information on the subject.

Focus groups and group discussions were the SMART goals we set to achieve our research goals. The discussions on supply chain management were done in detail to obtain various data (Wade et al., 2018, pp.125-140). The discussions happened through holding a conference that aimed at discussing supply chain management. The discussions were chaired by an elected leader who organised and led the group discussions. Measurement of the group discussion was done by presenting the results to the group members and coursemates. The group leader directed the following action to take on the group discussions. Democratic prioritisation of all members was also considered.

The reason for choosing this goal was to retrieve a variety of ideals from group members. group leader prioritised the research fields after all group members gave out their views. The learning ensured a systematic approach to conducting the group discussions and obtaining relevant data. The leader who controlled all the activities during the discussion provided the reason for achieving the goal. The following moves to achieve a practical discussion were organised as presented by the leader.

The actions we took toward the research goal were visiting the processing plant. The group members set rules to ensure discipline during the research task (Jylänki et al., 2021, p.106948). The field study was more efficient since the work became practical. Brainstorming activity by the group members also helped achieve the research skills perfection. Managers and employees in the plant were the targets of the research. This is because they had expertise in the fieldwork and more years of experience. The group leader regularly reviewed the study’s progress to determine the next action.

The study went well since we achieved some success in the goals set. Group discussions were successful as the group leader prioritised the topics. The management in supply chain management also provided relevant data. The research also went less well where some group members did not attend the group all the group discussion. Less data was contributed due to the limited attendance of the group members. the plant management did not provide the entire outlay of the plant operations that fewer data. Discipline was not observed well as some members failed to attend the focus groups. Brainstorming was not well done as there was less number of participants.

The goal was to understand the supply chain management course and participate in research to reach the goal. The goal impacted academic performance. The study established a background for research and the study skills of data analysis. The goal helped in learning the procedure of conducting a discussion group. The supply chain management process was well established, which would help in future work. The data collected during the study was also useful in emphasising the study to prioritise. The management skills were learned that helped in the orderly learning process. Effective and efficient learning was achieved through the goals set, actions taken and evaluation of the results.

Reflection on well-being goal

I chose to be more active in my learning and improvement process, always making the right decision to take action before it is too late. Lack of action has been pulling me backwards, but now I plan for my wellbeing; I will always have to make decisions to take action as quickly as possible as it is through action, we win (Stepniowski, J.J., 2016, p.48). By being active and taking action, I will kick bad habits like procrastination away and even increase my courage, which can help me keep conquering new fields. Though being active, I decided to set a goal whereby at the end of the year, I will have developed and launched a startup project in the field of information and technology, which can help make people’s lives easier. The only way to sell anything in the market is by solving the problems humans face and knowing that I decided to help people live a happy life by coming up with ideas that will revolution my community and the country.

However, the plan is an idea even to outlive me; I have been motivated by the inventor and entrepreneurs in the past years, starting with Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford, who greatly impacted the world (Rabheru et al., 2021, pp.125-137). The process has not been that smooth, and thanks to mentors, friends, and tutors who have been of help through this process, I am still a quarter way to achieving the set goal. But without giving up, I will keep fighting, and by the end of the year, I know the startup will already have been tried in the market and plans to start marketing it in the market will be already on the way to impact many lives as possible. Many inventors and innovators gave almost their lives to work on a singular idea that will eventually impact the world even after they are long gone. That is the spirit that the young people should have to leave the world a better place than we found it.


Through the module, I have learned that self-improvement and development are continuous journeys, and we should always strive for new heights and realities. The new reality calls to develop a new action plan and stay active as they progress demands that people are more present as the change is happening now and not tomorrow. I now plan to face the future without fear as I know how paying and satisfying the goal development process is, whether academic, employability or well-being. I will now look for new mentors in the field of technology to guide me in achieving high levels in my vision and help point out the mistakes for correction as I move on with the improving process. Workshops and internships will also expose me to the market and new market where we can share ideas of how we can make the future even more attainable. This exposure will always be key in bringing new perspectives into our lives and pointing out where we could be wrong, and drawing a new map that can even take us closure to our dream. Internships or placement will provide me with the required experience as I prepare for the market and pitch my idea as I keep learning. This experience will be important in my professional and personal life. The other action plan is to enrol in short term courses that will impact my researching skills and increase my base for knowledge. The courses will mostly focus on the areas I am not so conversant about to keep improving.


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