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Essay on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a different mode of payment of digital currency, which is created in the form of coding systems to secure all transactions. It mainly functions as a virtual system of accounts and a coin. The primary role of the cryptocurrency is to ensure all problems of currencies by the currency holder’s hands have full responsibility and power. It’s a trading system where traders buy cryptocurrencies through a direct exchange. All traders are encouraged to create an exchange account and accept the crypto to the bill to start the trading process. It is a fast, digital trading method which provides a secure system which ensures all data are maintained and free from fraud and smuggling. Cryptocurrency has economic impacts, which fastens the growth of a given country economically.

A country that considers cryptocurrency its best trading currency always encounters a rise in the Job market. Research has it that cryptocurrency always meets an increase in its records. Adopters of cryptocurrency who secure jobs help in improving economic growth worldwide. It has opened many companies that always prefer crypto as a perfect currency to trade with, making them get rich quickly. Record of job rise has been encountered in the past ten years worldwide. Examples of jobs adopters in a given country get Web developers, Analysts of research, and marketing managers. Many of the jobs brought about are always the non-technical jobs available for every sound mind. It creates a platform for many people worldwide, which helps in improving the total number of entrepreneurs worldwide. Its decentralized format as a currency paves an easier way for all users to exchange money without favouring citizenship. Many crypto companies worldwide assist the job seekers who adopt this method to make all financial transactions worldwide (Kumar & Ramesh, 2020).

Great support from the big companies, known to take over different market companies worldwide, is encountered in all small businesses. Small operating companies allow all their customers to support all verified and genuine companies. Low transaction cost is also an economic benefit of trading with cryptocurrencies by all traders. The higher processing cost in debits and credit cards is reduced in cryptocurrency trading, significantly impacting all running companies. A fast and reliable process in a transaction is another economic benefit of adopting cryptocurrency. No cases of the third party in cryptocurrency systems are reported, which fastens the process of carrying out all transactions for big and small companies. (l & wang,2017). Crypto is known across the globe, which makes it easier for all small companies to serve customers globally. Small companies that accept to adopt cryptocurrency also have the economic benefit of easily reaching their customers, which helps boost the customer base. Crypto being a new currency, many investors and entrepreneurs get a perfect time to trade and carry out business with it.

Transparency is also another economic befit of cryptocurrency. It helps bring more power to the currency and protection from all manners of corruption and fraud. In case trials by hackers change any transaction on the network of this trading currency, the systems are always alerted, making any attempts to manipulate any data or transaction a mission impossible. It also provides a clear route for all its adopters to quickly join the network worldwide and easily view all the network’s data, making it transparent. All investors and entrepreneurs always prefer a secure and transparent trading method, and cryptocurrency has the record as the most preferred currency (M &kancs,2016).

Countries that adopt cryptocurrency as their trading currency always experience positive economic impacts through jobs and innovations. Cryptocurrencies have also opened up new trading markets worldwide. All companies should be encouraged to try it as their investment path. Most currencies like Bitcoins have always opened new routes for all unique needs, which are most transparent compared to the current money markers, with no excellent controls. The no transaction cost of adopting cryptocurrencies makes it more familiar to all entrepreneurs and investors, and all small and big companies should consider adopting it(Kumar & Ramesh, 2020).


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