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Essay on 2016 Election

The article by Remnick (2016) titled “An American Tragedy” is one of the articles that addressed the 2016 presidential election. The article is from the New York Times Company. Therefore, it is a public entity. In 1896, once the company’s shares became public, the Sulzberger family took control of the company via a two-tiered share structure.

An effort is being made by David Remnick, the author of the article, to reach out to the public and those who expressly voted for President Trump to educate them that they made the wrong choice. As stated by the author, the election of Donald Trump is a disaster for the American republic and the Constitution, and a success for the forces of ethnic nationalism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and discrimination both at home and abroad. (Remnick, 2016). The author believes that there has never been anything quite like Trump’s unexpected triumph and ascent to the Presidency in American history or liberal democracy.

Similarly, this article aims to make readers aware of the dangers posed by Donald Trump, his administration, and Trump’s presidential campaign. It is the author’s opinion that the worst is yet to come. While the Supreme Court has become less liberal, Congress has been given more ability to do so. According to the author, Trump’s disregard for women and minorities, civil liberties, and scientific truth, to say nothing of common decency, has been shown time and time again by Trump himself (Remnick, 2016). Voting for this president-elect is over the pale. He is a national leader with no idea what he’s doing who will drive markets into a spiral and terrorize those who are weak, frail, or not white.

The New York Times published this story, making it a reputable source. In the world of journalism, The New York Times is a household name with a sterling reputation. I don’t think the New York Times will jeopardize its image, publicity, and revenues by publishing inaccurate information. As a newspaper, the New York Times must maintain high accuracy and timeliness to develop public confidence and become the go-to source for news.

The article written by David Remnick also accurately depicted the public’s reaction to Donald Trump’s victory and the dangers presented by his leadership. David concluded that a Trump presidency was a national tragedy because of the public’s concern. Objectification, authoritarianism, racism, and a slew of other mandatory behaviors were all on display in Donald Trump’s actions. David Remnick believes that Trump’s actions would cause America to fracture, resulting in deterioration and hardship on all fronts: politically, economically, and socially (Remnick, 2016). This is because most of Donald Trump’s supporters were white people in business, and he used his campaign to disparage Muslims, women, Hispanics, and Jews.

In conclusion, the author argues that Trump came out as a warped parody of the worst impulses of the far right for most of his campaign. His triumph in this election would be a devastating blow to the nation’s spirit, resulting in periods of economic, geopolitical, and social chaos that we cannot even imagine (Remnick, 2016). There can be no doubt that most voters have chosen to live in Trump’s egotistical world of self-indulgence, hatred, and hubris. This reality will undoubtedly lead to all kinds of national deterioration and pain.


Remnick, D. (2016). An American Tragedy. The New Yorker.


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