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Equality Essays

The Women’s Suffrage Movement: Pioneering Equality and Democratic Progress

Introduction The movement for women’s suffrage represents a noteworthy segment of our collective past, demonstrating the fight for equality between genders and the pursuit of democratic advancement. The protracted campaign, spanning multiple decades, was geared towards the attainment of suffrage for women. It entailed an immense challenge to the firmly established societal norms and damaging ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 709

Essay on Cultural Competencies

Introduction Strategy is the road map of organizations to achieve success, mission, and vision to remain competitive in the global market and offer better guidelines to employees. The cultural competition offered a broad view to understanding cultural beliefs, ideas, and values and developing the understanding to interact with other people from other cultures. Different approaches ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 1999
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Question: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Business Case arguments for promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in organizations. Introduction Equality, diversity, and inclusion are fundamental tenets of effective management, which makes them essential components of every thriving business or organization. The accomplishment of EDI’s goals is contingent on establishing a working environment where individuals ... Read More
Pages: 7       Words: 1705

Discrimination and Equality at Work Between Race and Gender in England Compared to South Africa

Introduction Race and gender discrimination at work is a serious problem that is still present in many nations today. This article will analyze and contrast the disparities between racial and gender discrimination and equality in South Africa and England. This paper will also discuss the historical context of discrimination and equality at work, the legal ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3294

Should We Aspire to an Equal Distribution of Resources Across the Society?

The call for equality today is in line with the international human rights law, which states that human beings should be treated with equality regardless of their status within society. According to Anselmi et al. (2014), equality refers to the need for individuals with diverse needs to gain access to the same resources while pursuing ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1576

American Democracy and Landmark Supreme Court Cases

“We the people….” As the opening statement in the constitution shows, the American Government is a democratic republic, and the people have the power to influence almost everything. Things have not always been so; before the declaration of independence, Americans suffered many injustices under British rule since its power was not limited and the people ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1570

The Impact of Political Polarization on Gay Marriages in the United States: Annotated Bibliography

Bishin, B. G., Freebourn, J., & Teten, P. (2020). The Power of Equality? Polarization and Collective Mis-representation on Gay Rights in Congress, 1989–2019 – Benjamin G. Bishin, Justin Freebourn, Paul Teten, 2021. Political Research Quarterly. The article examines the reasons behind the lack of policy produced by the U.S. Congress regarding gay rights despite increased ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1356

Civil Rights Movemet Impact on US Laws

Research Paper Outline Introduction A. Definition of the civil rights movement The Civil Rights Movement was a period in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s when African Americans and other marginalized groups fought for equal rights and to end racial segregation and discrimination. The Movement was a reaction to centuries of racial injustice ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3044

Issues of Inequality in Early Childhood

Children form an essential part of society since they sustain its progression through the transition from the older generation. Ensuring that children acquire the necessary and practical education regardless of their physical and intellectual abilities is essential in raising a resilient society. The equality issues are because children living with special education needs and disabilities ... Read More
Pages: 16       Words: 4135

Equality and Participation Concerns in Tourism

Introduction A country’s economy has become increasingly dependent on tourism, particularly in developing nations. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism industry accounts for one in ten jobs and 10.4% of the global GDP (Sofronov, 2017: pp 127-139), tourism exports accounted for 30% of all services exports and 6.6% of all exports ... Read More
Pages: 9       Words: 2217

Analysis of the Equality Theme in “Harrison Bergeron”

Harrison Bergeron is a short narrative composed by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. to represent different themes, including the media power, government control, and equality. Amongst the themes, the most prominent theme throughout the story is equality within a dystopian society. A dystopian society is an imagined social setting where oppressive societal control is sustained through totalitarian, technological, ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 1034

Does Popular Music Promote Equality Between the Genders?

Popular music is often perceived to be the voice of society’s empowered individuals, its male and female artists speaking truths through their art. Popular music’s negative portrayal of women has been historically regarded as a huge obstacle in fighting gender equality. However, most critics acknowledge that there have been positive changes in how popular music ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1224

Equality and Diversity

Introduction The dawn of globalization has ushered in an era of interaction between people from a myriad of backgrounds. More, so, the working environment is no longer insular and is characterized by people working and operating in a global framework (Farnsworth et al. 2019). Thus, organizations have started to take a more inclusive and diverse ... Read More
Pages: 13       Words: 3301

Diversity and Culture

Introduction A workplace is a complex place where diverse factors influence one’s output. These factors include implicit bias, microaggression, multigenerational historical trauma, emotional triggers, and bullying. These are factors that the employees and employers should understand since they directly influence inclusion, diversity, and equality in the workplace. Therese sensitive factors that influence workplace relations are ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2106
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