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Environmental Defense Fund on Climate Change

Climate action is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals stated by the United Nations. The objective of this goal is to combat climate issues and its impacts. The Environmental Defense Fund, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization based in the U.S. that aims to address environmental problems with an emphasis on finding practical solutions to environmental challenges (Nick, 86). The organization addresses various environmental issues such as climate change, safer chemicals, air and water quality, sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity. The paper provides further analysis of the organization, emphasizing its journey in addressing climate action issues.

I have chosen the organization because it uses an approach that addresses numerous concerns revolving around sustainability. As seen on their website, the organization aims to address biodiversity issues, sustainable agriculture, climate change, air quality, safer chemicals, and many more. In essence, the organization does not focus on a single issue but instead uses universal approaches to address numerous concerns. Similarly, I have chosen the organization because of its track record. As seen in their impact report, the organization has a track of successful initiatives and policies (EDF Impact, “n.p”). Its proven history of making a tangible impact on the environment would make anyone interested in analyzing the organization.

The organization’s primary objectives are to address the major issues and strive for maximum impact to ensure healthy communities, energy transition, and seamless thriving of people and nature. The organization’s mission is to deliver game-changing solutions to climate change issues. This is possible through the organization’s core objectives (Environmental et al.). Working in more than 30 countries, the organization focuses on the areas that can yield a significant output. The organization’s core values, as stated by (the Environmental Defense Fund) include results, respect, innovation, optimism, and integrity. In this, the organization strives to create lasting solutions and welcomes diverse perspectives on innovation. The organization designs and uses various tools to address the issues (Michael, 36). Optimism, on the other hand, Is basically about embracing ambitious environmental goals while considering the real-world dynamics. Lastly, integrity is that the organization seeks to uphold a commitment to ethical action, a comprehensive analysis, and intellectual honesty.

While the organization has had a significant impact over time, challenges are witnessed, which affect the optimization of the objectives and goals. According to the EDF impact report, unprecedented challenges have been witnessed over the past four years, especially due to the constant assault on environmental policy in Washington, D.C. As the report states, there have been frequent and increasing unaddressed consequences attributed to the warming of the global climate. Similarly, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has had adverse impacts, which increased the urgency for environmental advocates to confront long-term issues of disproportionate exposure to pollution.

EDF needs additional support, from any support, as it has been at the forefront in addressing environmental concerns (John, 56). Ideally, climate change is a serious concern that needs a multidimensional approach to combat its effects and safeguard the future. Another reason necessitating additional help for the organization is to enhance research and advocacy of efforts. The report shows that the organizations use a scientific approach to address environmental issues. Therefore, increased support should be directed towards boosting research capabilities to allow the organization to stay ahead of emerging environmental issues and further advocate for policies grounded in the latest scientific findings.

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