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Effects of Culture and Communication Differences Between USA, South Sudan, and China

Communication is the basis for success in every relationship, either locally or internationally. There are different means of communication; verbal, visual, non-verbal, and written communication. The interpretation of information is mainly affected by cultural practices. For every business to be successful good communication skills must be used.

Part 1. Cultural differences between the USA and South Sudan

South Sudan is one African country that has recently gained independence after being partitioned from Sudan. Sudan attained its independence on January 1, 1956, under Ismaili Al-Azhari.On July 9, 2011, Sudan was partitioned into North and South, thus making south Sudan the youngest nation in the world (Warburg 2021). South Sudan is a federal republican country governed by a system of democracy represented by the president. South Sudan has a weak and undeveloped economy, which depends heavily on oil and agriculture. South Sudan is a Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Sudan follows a formal track of education, which is an open religious and ethnic, cultural observation. Culture affects the way of communication and business interaction of any organization. Considering the development of the United States, a multi-cosmopolitan state whose cultural activities are diverse and elastic (Carranza, S., & Gandelman, N. 2019)) South Sudan is dominated by African cultures and primarily Christianity and Islamic worship. While Sudan is an undeveloped country, the USA is a developed state which depends on its economy. The USA has a large landmass and more population as compared to Sudan. The USA comprises a large diversity of culture, being a united state of 13 countries, while Sudan’s culture is attributed only to its indigenous inhabitants. International relationship among member countries helps facilitate the rapid response to new market opportunities and challenges, thereby promoting a more substantial international business relationship. Communication is essential between international business partnerships in that it enhances global success.

Part 2. Interviewing potential global team members in China

Choosing potential global team members may be challenging since different countries have different interpretations of ideas. Take China, for example, whose most inhabitants don’t understand English; Translation, therefore, must be done correctly to avoid paralanguage like vocal tones, the pitch of voice, volume, and rhythm of speech. All these affect the mood of the audience. Therefore, nonverbal communication can affirm or misrepresent the actual statements, thus causing poor decision-making.

Part 3. Advantages of Website on Exxon Mobil Business

Exxon Mobil have the opportunity of advertising their products on the web across other countries; the app has made it easy to locate the nearby Exxon station on the web; customers can apply for service cards online and receive updates through the app. Exxon Mobil has the advantage of acquiring and reaching customers widely; Exxon’s brand is easily recognized and visible to many customers. Exxon has managed to promote its products and services easily through the website. Customer feedback has also been achieved through user tracks and instant replies, creating customer trust and maintaining a long-term relationship. Exxon Mobil can reward customers through membership cars, loyalty, and sting sales. In my opinion, Exxon Mobil has all the primary features of a business website. They have Accessible contact details, including their business email address. Exxon Mobil has a mobile-friendly app that is accessible. All the features are easy to navigate, the blog content is well updated, the brand logo is easily visible, and on the additional messages, frequently asked question (FAQ) is visible.

Communication is a vital element in any business organization. Whether international or local, the means of communication affect the nature of business undertaken. More often, culture influences communication and communication determines the development of any business organization. Communication can be either verbal or non-verbal. How the message reaches the client is affected by the nature of conveyance. Adapting online means of communication helps boost business activities faster.


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