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Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression


Yang et al. (576) “Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression” research analyzes how avatar race affects racial attitudes and violence. This paper will critique the writers’ rhetoric. This essay will develop an assertion regarding the authors’ effectiveness in presenting their research and supporting evidence by analyzing rhetorical strategies, such as appeals to logos.

Rhetorical Appeals and Logos

The authors employ various rhetorical strategies throughout the article to present a persuasive argument based on logos, appealing to the readers’ logic and reasoning. They establish the topic’s significance, highlighting the potential influence of avatar race in video games on individuals’ attitudes and behavior. By emphasizing the relevance of this research in understanding real-world implications, they establish a logical foundation for their study.

Additionally, the authors provide a comprehensive review of previous literature to support their claims and establish credibility. They cite various studies and academic sources, demonstrating a well-researched and informed perspective. By citing respected experts and professors, the writers bolster their thesis.

The research also collects and analyzes data using experimental design and statistical analysis. The writers demonstrate impartiality and scientific rigor by detailing their methodologies and measurements. This appeals to the readers’ logical thinking by demonstrating that the research was conducted with care and precision.

Use of Data and Statistical Analysis

The article makes good use of data and statistical analysis. The authors use graphs and tables to communicate their findings. The authors prove their statements with statistical significance.

The authors also use data to establish correlations and relationships between avatar race, racial attitudes, and aggression levels. Through regression analyses and inferential statistics, they demonstrate the associations between these variables. This appeals to the readers’ logical reasoning by providing quantifiable evidence and reinforcing the study’s credibility.

The statistical study is robust; however, the article does not explore the processes or possible confounding factors that may impact the observed associations. This constraint may have been solved to improve findings from research.

Tone and Language Choices

In terms of rhetoric, the authors adopt a relatively neutral and academic tone throughout the article. They use precise and technical language to explain the study’s methodology and results, catering to their target audience of scholars and researchers. This choice of language enhances the credibility and professionalism of the research.

Furthermore, the authors strategically incorporate transitional phrases and logical connectors to ensure the coherence and flow of their arguments. By structuring their article with clear section headings and subheadings, they guide readers through the study’s main points and findings. This organization aids in understanding the complex concepts and data presented.

Counterarguments and Refutation

An effective rhetorical analysis acknowledges and addresses counterarguments, and “Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression” presents alternative perspectives and refutes them with logical reasoning. The authors recognize the potential criticism that virtual environments do not accurately reflect real-world attitudes and behaviors. They address this concern by arguing that virtual experiences can still shape individuals’ cognitive associations and stereotypes, which can have real-world implications.

Additionally, the study anticipates the criticism that the effect sizes of avatar race on racial attitudes and aggression may be small and inconsequential. To counter this, Yang et al. (576) emphasize the statistical significance of their findings, indicating that even small effects can have meaningful societal implications. By addressing these counterarguments, the authors strengthen their argument by demonstrating their awareness of alternative viewpoints and providing rational responses.

Appeals to Ethos and Pathos

While the primary focus of this rhetorical analysis is on the appeal to logos, it is important to briefly discuss the limited use of appeals to ethos and pathos in the article. Yang et al. (576) establish their credibility through their extensive literature review, showcasing their knowledge of the existing research in the field. This appeal to ethos enhances their authority and positions them as experts in the subject matter.

Regarding pathos, the article does not heavily rely on emotional appeals. However, the authors emphasize the potential consequences of racial biases perpetuated through video games, linking them to larger societal issues. By highlighting the social implications and the need for further research, they evoke a sense of concern and urgency in the readers.

Use of Visuals and Multimedia

In addition to the rhetorical strategies discussed earlier, “Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression” incorporates visuals and multimedia elements to enhance its effectiveness. Graphs, tables, and figures illustrate the study’s results. These graphic tools make statistical analysis clearer and more engaging for readers.

The strategic use of visuals allows readers to quickly grasp complex concepts and trends. The graphs and tables effectively illustrate the relationships between avatar race, racial attitudes, and aggression levels, visually representing the statistical correlations. This visual appeal appeals to the readers’ sense of logic by presenting information in a format that is easy to comprehend and analyze.

Furthermore, including multimedia elements, such as screenshots or examples from video games, could have further strengthened the authors’ argument. By visually depicting the avatars and their racial characteristics, readers would have a clearer understanding of the visual cues to which participants in the study were exposed. This visual representation could have heightened the impact of the research findings and made them more relatable to readers.

Organization and Structure

The organization and structure of “Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression” contribute to its effectiveness in conveying the research. The article follows a logical progression, with clear section headings and subheadings that guide readers through the study’s main points. This structured technique helps readers follow the writers’ logic.

The article covers the research’s introduction, methodology, findings, and discussion. This structure helps readers find essential information and comprehend each segment. Additionally, the authors provide clear topic sentences at the beginning of paragraphs, stating the overall claim of the paragraph. This aids comprehension and ensures the article maintains a coherent flow of ideas.

Moreover, the article employs transitional phrases and logical connectors to establish connections between ideas and create a cohesive narrative. These linguistic devices help readers follow the authors’ thought process and clearly understand the arguments presented. The authors effectively convey their research findings and support their arguments by employing a well-structured and organized approach.


In conclusion, the rhetorical analysis of “Effects of Avatar Race in Violent Video Games on Racial Attitudes and Aggression” by Yang et al. (576) reveals that the authors effectively employ rhetorical strategies, particularly appeals to logos, to present their research and findings. The article showcases a logical approach supported by empirical evidence and a comprehensive literature review. The authors successfully address counterarguments, utilize data and statistical analysis, and employ a neutral tone and precise language. While the article could benefit from a deeper exploration of underlying mechanisms and increased accessibility, it effectively engages readers and persuades them of the significance of avatar race in video games.

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