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Effective Multinational Conference Meeting

Conference calls are important and efficient, especially while meeting people living miles apart. The bank based in London and its hubs in Beijing, New Delhi, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo should have its activities run smoothly and consistently to its goals by holding Annual General Meetings or Special General meetings. Such meetings should be supplemented by good communication to enable the flow of information from one person to the other. It includes using a common language, mainstreaming the main agenda of the meeting, and scheduling the appropriate time when all people are available.

The conference calls of the people involved in the bank in London are not serving its efficiency due to different English accents; The barrier is cabbed in different ways. It consists of the suggestion of some communication coaching. Training helps the people involved to glimpse the accents of other countries. The planners of the meeting should also consider having it in writing. A chat box should be displayed to give clarity on what was meant by some pronunciations. Those who fail to grasp the concept can freely ask questions of their own volition. Pro-tip is another solution. The cameras should be present during the discussion; by this, those being communicated can easily understand what is implied through the facial expressions and gestures of the speaker. There should also be room for the listeners to ask for consent to give feedback about any language. Two-way communication between the speaker and listener improves the translation of the message. The biases, too, should be checked. It implies the meetings being held daily and the people contributing are from one county. It belittles the listeners and makes them shy from making contributions.

International calls need a schedule for rings due to different time zones. It can operate when the programs of every member are considered. Scheduling avoids overlapping and hence misses out on the meeting by persons. Recurring time zones should also be rotated to accommodate all members. It, therefore, implies that when one member misses out on this time, the next time, the schedule will adjust their attendance. The meetings ought to be recorded. The records can later be reviewed by those who never attended it and thus catch up with how far the other members reached(Demeter &Losonsci,2019). The agenda of the meeting and the questions should be set early. It allows earlier preparation and hence when the meeting commences the members go direct to the point. The follow-up conversations should also be taken to slack.It gives roon for later discussions and also for seeking clarifications.

Decisions should be streamlined in a meeting to avoid time wastage. There are several ways of streamlining the findings, and this involves; the adoption of a common decision making process. Once the members have agreed on how to have a way forward, then it is easier to save time. The streamlined decision making process also deals with the operations separate from strategy. It saves on time as there are clear guidelines on the agenda. Operations and strategy have to be discussed differently and allocated their own time. The measure of the real value of the item is also ideal. Items with a lot of weight are sep[arated from petty items and hence allocated more time. Those items that are simple are on the other end, giving little time sufficient to discuss them without wasting time.Items should also be taken off the agenda quickly. When the discussions and the decisions of a certain item have concluded, the chair of the meeting should swiftly get to the next item. It prevents discussing the same item over and over again hence taking up time meant for other items (Gibson et al., 2019). The meeting ought to also focus on the decisions and not the discussions. Focusing on the discussions makes on to rotate around the same area without a tangible conclusion. It is therefore better to discuss hoping that they find the conclusion soonest possible.The goal is to get to the next step thus finish up each step with a conclusion.

The agenda of a meeting is of great importance. It guides the direction of a meeting. The members are well conversant with the subject of the meeting and why they are in that meeting. The agenda sets the members prepared for the meeting. Members attending meetings with basics and preparing the subject of discussion saves time. It allows the attendess to top the meeting with their feedback. Through journeying in the same direction,people read from the same page. The agenda puts all things into consideration,from the minor issues affecting the bank to the major ones. Agenda saves on time too. The time allocated on issues according to their weight helps on maximizing the limited time available(Ruzycki et al., 2019). Agenda also defines the goal of the organization or the company. It helps align the company to its vision,mission and goal. Agenda is key to any company, and sticking to it clearly defines a successful meeting.

In conclusion, international meetings can work well if planned, and the above considerations get into the key of its preparation, set up, and progress. It is easy to have people with different accents, time zones, and cultures speak from the same point of view. It is a matter of the disciplined nature of the members and failure to be rigid to change that over qualifies a multinational meeting.


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