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Domestic Violence/Interpersonal Violence Agency Paper


The Solemn matters of interpersonal and domestic violence that wave the community affect families and personalities in wide-range societies (Perrin et al., 2020). In this study, we will explore a nearby establishment in Immokalee, Florida, whose operation is to assist survivors of such. The selected establishment for this research is a forceful manner of conducting a home program that provides an extent of administrations and interpolations to assist survivors. Through this study, we want to learn more about the establishment’s structure, history, operation, targeted audience, area of service, and methodologies to address matters of multiplicity, social justice, and tradition.

Part 1

  1. The association’s depiction: The chosen organization is the Safe Haven Domestic Violence Shelter. It is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1995
  2. Descriptions of services and interventions: Safe Haven offers various services, including counseling, legal representation, case management, support groups, emergency shelter, and assistance locating housing and employment.
  3. Affiliation’s mission statement: Safe Space’s principal objective is to connect with overcomers of the forceful ways of behaving at home by laying out a safeguarded environment where they can recover and change their lives.
  4. Who precisely is served: The mission of Place of Refuge is to help casualties of abusive behavior at home and their families. Survivors of all ages, sexual positioning, and individualities can profit from their sustenance facilities and funds.
  5. Administration region: The prime organizational area of the Shelter is Immokalee, Florida, and the neighboring Collier Province capacities. Place of Shelter can meet the wants of the neighboring public by focusing on this precise region and arranging for help to individuals who have overwhelmed offensive conduct at home.
  6. The meaning of variety, culture, and civil rights: In tending to abusive behavior at home, Place of Refuge perceives the meaning of variety, culture, and civil rights. According to Cardenas (2023), they strive to provide comprehensive and socially sensitive services while recognizing the fascinating encounters of people from various backgrounds.

Part 2

Occupation of Culture, Social Equality, and Assortment/Moral Challenges (f-g):

Safe Haven knows domestic violence victims come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The organization ensures survivors receive socially sensitive services by developing social skills and providing individualized assistance. In its endeavors to address the main drivers of aggressive behavior at home and promote survivors’ privileges, Place of Refuge shows its obligation to civil rights. Keeping up with privacy while additionally guaranteeing the well-being of survivors and conforming to legitimate necessities presents moral difficulties. A different ethical encounter arises from guaranteeing that individuals from varied social and financial upbringings have equivalent admittance to regime amenities. The place of work ought to reconnoiter these adversities with receptiveness and caution, implementing shows and viewpoints that consider both survivor safety and their right to assurance. Safe Haven is dedicated to offering all survivors fair and ethical services by addressing these moral quandaries.

Response to What I Have Understood (h):

Investigating Safe space’sSpace Forceful way of behaving at home Shelter has given significant encounters into the fundamental impact an association can have in battling oppressive ways of behaving at home. It is propelling to notice the obligation and responsibility of the staff in offering assistance, reinforcing, and resources for survivors. Understanding the complexities of cultural sensitivity, social justice, and ethical considerations has also made me more aware of the challenges that organizations in this field face. How I might interpret abusive behavior at home has expanded because of this exploration, as has the meaning of giving survivors protected and steady conditions.


Survivors of all backgrounds receive the assistance they require because Safe Haven is committed to diversity, social justice, and cultural sensitivity. However, moral issues like secrecy and equal administration access should be carefully investigated. This investigation has highlighted the meaning of such associations in our population and their crucial obligation to propel the security and success of survivors.


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