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Death of the Hired Man


The Death of the Hired man is a poem that fundamentally discusses a couple, Silas and Mary, who manage a previous worker, Silas. Who helped with reaping the grass yet left the field untimely. Narrative components are educational materials that essayists use to convey the aim and accounts of abstract work. An inside and out investigation of the poem uncovers that different narrative components were utilized in the conveyance of the poem. In particular, Robert Frost uses a mix of character, setting, song, and exchange to pass on the direct message and subject of the poem (Frost 823).

In literature, characters allude to living components of a story or plot; the characters are essentially individuals who the property has impacted. The principal characteristics of the characters are that they have impacts, character qualities, shortcomings, and qualities that influence the crowd’s impression of the essence. As far as poetry, Robert Frost utilized characters as a narrative component to present the principal characters of the poem, their character characteristics, thought examples, and inspirations. The symbols used in this poem incorporate Warren, Mary, and Silas. The first and second stanzas of the principal refrain of the poem state: “Mary found a spot at the table thinking deeply about the fire of light, sitting tight for Warren.” Hearing their strides, Robert Frost presents the initial two characters in the poem, Warren and Mary.

In line 144 of the first stanza, “As anyone. He won’t be made ashamed”. The author introduces the third character of the poem, Silas. Second, decor refers to a narrative element that provides the graphic representation of events in a story or piece of literature. The essence of decoration in poetry and storytelling is to make the events of history come alive and vivid. There are two basic approaches that writers use to structure a story, poem, or piece of literature. First, the writer uses visual graphics to represent the literary work and present the story’s events more vividly and vividly.

The author uses images and descriptive words to make the story’s events more vivid and descriptive. In the poem, Robert Frost used furniture repeatedly to make the poem’s events more striking and vivid. In the last three lines of the first verse: “She took things from Warren’s gun market and put them on the porch, then laid him down so he could sit beside her on the steps to drink. The author uses the decor to vividly depict the events that led to Mary and Warren’s conversation about Silas.

Melody refers to the use of sonic devices in a story, speech, or poem to provide the musical aspect of the literary piece. The essence of melody in poetry is to ensure that the poem can not only be recited but also sung. A close examination of the poem reveals several instances where the melody was used as a narrative element to provide the poem’s themes and arguments. One of the most used sound resources to give melody to poetry is rhyme; Rhyme refers to the adjustment of sounds in the poem to convey a musical feel to the poem. In the fourth, eighth, and last lines of the first line: “To meet him on the new threshold, he took the market things from Warren’s arms and sat down beside them on the wooden steps.” The author repeats the S to create a melody and musical feel in the poem.

Finally, dialogue refers to a literary device in which the author uses a conversation between characters to provide the themes of the academic work and the characteristics of the characters used in the literary work. Essentially, dialogue demonstrates how characters and audiences connect to literature. As mentioned above, Death of the hired man is essentially a conversation between a couple, Silas and Mary, about what to do with a former employee, Silas. The dialogue was the most used narrative element to convey the poem’s key messages. For example, in every verse of the poem, Mary and Warren are engaged in a deep conversation after the first verse, which helps the audience understand what Warren and Mary think of Silas and what the best approach to Silas might come back to deal with something (Frost 823).


From a comprehensive analysis of the poem Death of the Hired man, several insightful conclusions can be drawn about the elements of a good narrative. First, Robert Frost uses the character to show the audience what the poem’s themes are. Second, Frost uses the poem’s decor to make the poem’s events more vivid and lively. Third, Frost uses melodies to convey poetry to the audience more musically. Finally, Frost uses dialogue to give the poem’s main messages and themes.

Works Cited

Frost, Robert. “The Death of the Hired Man:[Excerpts].” Academic Medicine 75.8 (2000): 823.


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