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COVID-19 Vaccine Fastest Vaccine Produced in History


The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a global problem that is currently still being talked about globally. The pandemic is still being waited upon to end as there has been an emergence of various vaccines that scientists believe have a great chance of preventing the disease even after its short period of manufacturing and testing. There are multiple types of vaccines, for example, Moderna, Janssen, and various others. This paper aims to explain and research the Covid-19 Vaccines, their controversies, and their role in battling the pandemic. The pandemic has significantly impacted the world with its enormous death toll. There is a need to understand how there could be controversial stories about what could be the liberator of humanity as we know it.


Through cross-sectional web-based studies from numerous sources, the first vaccine to be validated by the World Health Organization was known as The Pfizer vaccine, which was validated on 31st December 2020, and this created the pathway to many more vaccines along the year which came out to become very effective in the battle against this pandemic (Dolgin, 2021). As per the World Health Organization guidelines, it is essential to be vaccinated as it could save your life and the one who is close to you as you will less likely pass the virus. The World Health Organization has been keeping the world updated on Covid-19. It tries to educate the masses on the importance of the vaccine and how to minimize its spread, yet numerous controversies are popping up.

Covid-19 is a life-threatening public health issue that everybody knows right now. The fact that there is the availability of the vaccine yet people don’t want to be vaccinated cannot be understood logically speaking. I did more studies on the matter and found out that there were some reasons behind this, and I anticipate laying a groundwork of knowledge that can change the mentality of the few to sensitize them and future scholars who could use this information while researching the topic.

Research Results

This mistrust is the possible adverse side effects that come with being vaccinated. They believe that the vaccine will take one day and cause death. Even though studies have found no evidence to support these assumptions, doubts have spread globally like wildfire. This is with the help of social media platforms which adds salt to the injury. Other theories include that the vaccine leads to infertility, the vaccines use experimental technology to alter genes, Covid-19 vaccines are planned to kill the elderly, and various other conspiracy theories against vaccination (Miller, 2020). There have been controversies with every vaccine ever created, but with the Covid-19 vaccines, it was way worse. This is so because the vaccine took a short time to be designed and tested, thus giving people doubts about whether it is safe.


Coronavirus has had a significant effect on the globe causing economic, social, and cultural impacts globally. Therefore, this necessitates the need to be vaccinated and check the facts from the World Health Organization and news to get helpful information about the virus. When the virus was a mystery in its early stages, everyone was afraid of what the virus had in store for us. Still, when the vaccine is now available, controversial stories pop up which give people reasons not to get vaccinated, which the bases themselves are not scientifically proven facts. Therefore, there is a need for all individuals worldwide to get vaccinated no matter their age, gender, or race to make the world an even safer place.

Works Cited

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