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COVID-19 Severity by Age


Identifying age groups associated with transmission and higher infection rates can help determine how to control the spread and effects of Covid -19 infections. The severity of conditions is relative to the age of an individual. The seriousness of covid-19 is symptoms may range from the mild common cold to severe viral pneumonia that can be fatal. The ability of each age group to fight infection and how powerful an infection affects an individual.

The aim of this paper is to review how covid-19 severity differs with the age of an individual. To find how each age group is affected, the rate of the infections, and how much it affects an individual concerning their age. Suppose there is an increase or decline or decline in the number of infected individuals as the age difference changes. Many clinical, epidemiology, and studies identify a decrease in immunology with age. Aging affects immunity apart from other factors like environment, gender, and an individual’s diet.

Covid-19 has shown a minimal percentage in infant cases, with infection rate among children being lower and the signs or symptoms being minimal. For this research to be successful, a mathematical model on the infection rate in relation to age has to be generated to show the difference. Covid -19 severity has been observed as an age-dependent infection due to differences in the clinical and mode of transmission among individual age groups.

Due to exposure to other respiratory infections like flu, children’s immune system reduces their chances of acquiring covid-19, which is not the case to mature or elderly individuals, which affects how there immunology in relation to age, according to studies. Children’s transmission rate is higher due to more interaction with infected victims, which is not the case with adults with a lower interaction rate. This affects a nation whose population of young individuals is higher than that of elderly ones.

Literature review

According to Levine (2020) presentation of symptoms among different age groups differs as children may present mild or no signs of covid-19 .since there are mild or no symptoms of the virus, the number of reported cases among infants is lower than adults’ cases which is consequential affects the transmission rate due to minimal or no observed symptoms among the children.

According to Michelow (2021), the age group between 18 -29 years has the highest number of Covid -19 victims cases hence mainly used as the reference age group compared to other groups. Some of the symptoms used to describe the severity of covid-19 can be breathing problems or shortness of breath, chest or abdomen pressures and pain, dizziness that may occur suddenly, experience confusion, persistent vomiting, or severe fever with worse coughing and flu-like symptoms.

Most of the extensive research data in the world show that older people are significantly at a higher risk of showing severe infections of the virus, which is not clear. The age of an individual could not be the actual cause of the severity of the infection. Other factors may also contribute to the risk of having severe effects of the disease. How healthy someone ages can affect how severe the infection can be despite of age. Poor immunology is the leading cause or factor that leads to adverse infections of disease; thus, one can be a certain age but still have a better immunity compared to the generation expected to have the best immunity.


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