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Contribution of Social Justice, Ecological Conservation, and Democracy Contribute to Building Good Societies

We all strive to create a good society, but the question of what a good society entails is always there. A good society can be defined in terms of democracy, allowing people to have a say on how things are run and enhancing equality and sustainability. But on a broader perspective, does it mean that we cannot have one good society: a good society due to the difference in cultures across the world, religions, and many other aspects. The globe is wide filled with diverse people with different drives in life and values. The extent to which social justice, ecological conservation, and democracy contribute to good societies building opens up a can of worms. Can they all be achieved, and to what level should they be completed to help promote the excellent society building. A society is made up of different kinds of people, and with all their differences, they all want a fair life and living. Despite that, other factors within the society push their behavior towards doing what is right and wrong, thereby making it hard to achieve a good society. All in all, deliberation in achieving social justice, ecological conservation, and democracy can help promote a good society. The three aspects hold a great deal within the community, and if they are all streamlined, everything will run smoothly.


Social justice calls for actions that promote fairness within society for all individuals in things of wealth, social privileges, and opportunities. In a normal society, especially where capitalism runs, achieving social justice can be quite hard, no not impossible. If people were to follow the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, then societies would quickly achieve social justice. He often spoke of the truth and how important it was in his writings and speaking. He associated truth with God and even at times equated truth to God. Given how spiritual he was, the essence of God meant a whole lot. For him, the truth was fundamental within society to help shape the behaviors and actions taken. If one is driven by truth, they are bound to do what is right even when it does not benefit them. With the truth ruling, no selfish intentions drive decisions made within a society, no oppression or biasness. he described the truth as a force that drives ethical and spiritual principles within the political and social actions, thereby promoting liberation for both the oppressor and the oppressed. (Gandhi, pg. 221). He continued to argue that morality formed the basis of everything else, and character was based on the truth. Therefore, incorporating his teachings on truth, it is easy to achieve social justice within the society. In a society driven by morality, then the truth becomes a significant weapon. By the end of it all, there are cases of equality in all aspects hence creating a good society.

In her teachings on the feminine approach to ethics and moral education, Nedd Nodding helps in deciphering what social justice should entail. In this argument, she refers to ethical decisions based on relationships people have heard in terms of experiences and personal interactions(Nedd, pg. 338). Therefore, it is created on the principles of caring. For instance, it emphasized doing what one would like to be done to you; if you want people to treat you with respect, then you should do the same. Therefore, if everyone within a society is driven by caring for the other person wishing the best for them, then social justice cases will increase. Generally, our morality is based on wanting to do good. If everyone were driven by the same, then social justice would be very much achievable hence there being a good society in creation

Democracy helps create a society where everyone’s views are heard, but the majority gets the final say. It is assumed that the majority of the population speaks for the society, therefore a state of democracy. In such cases, it would mean that the people have to share similar ideologies, which push them to support them. They avoid situations where decision-making is impossible due to the lack of a significant vote. John Stuart Mill was a utilitarian philosopher who believed that “a moral principle is the greatest happiness for many people” (Stuart, pg 88). In his argument, it does support the workings of a democracy. In this case, the majority gets to decide what should be done. In such a case, where the drive is to do good and be ethical, democracy can propel a good society. A good society will promote happiness among the people. Mill did argue that joy is attainable when conceived realistically, in this case, by doing what is suitable for the majority of society. (Stuart, pg 89). In line with this, considering every individual’s want can lead to cases of selfish decision-making, and their wishes cannot all be fulfilled. Therefore, opting for the majority making the decision is the best action. It means it’s an aggregate of what most of the social ways, and it helps promote a better society.

While one can argue that Irigaray, in her arguments of the patriarchal system influencing most decisions in the society, there is a silver lining in that. Together with Simone De Beauvoir, they agreed on the existence of women being based on men. The definitions of a female all stem from the masculinity and superiority of men. She talks of how women come as the second sex and men are the first (Beauvoir, pg. 302). Such ideologies have driven a lot of decision-making over the years by influencing the idea of men being superior. Therefore, the stereotypes created about being a woman drive decisions in a democracy. The only difference now is that diversity and openness have increased so much due to technology and new innovations that women are considered a different entity from men. There is a clear distinction between the two, as women have become empowered and are doing better in fields that were otherwise thought to be masculine.

Even with all the developments being made technologically, the environment around is crucial for the survival of human beings and earth in general. If we are comfortable around the environment, establishing a good society becomes possible. In this aspect, the first step is acknowledging how important each is to us and how ecological conservation can benefit us; with that understanding, communities can work on establishing and maintaining conservation measures. Part of development within the industries calls for the use of the available natural resources, but people have to be careful that the well does not run dry. It all comes down to caring for the other person more humanely (Charter, Earth., pg. 1). Just like Ned Nodding argued, ethical considerations are based on the feeling of caring. That is basing actions we take on personal experiences and working on caring for the next person. For instance, what do I do with a plastic bottle after I am done with a plastic bottle? How will my decision affect the environment and, consequently, my neighbor? Such questions drive ecological conservation. When everyone is driven by the same goal, which is environmental conservation, they live a happier life and build a good society.

In conclusion, one thing stands out for the necessity for a good society, ethical and moral considerations. Deciding to do what is correct at all times and caring enough for the person next door. Being driven by truth and equality, a good society can be achieved. With equality and fairness, things like, crime can easily be eradicated, environmental degradation, and even social injustices.

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