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Connecting to a Global Tribe Matt Harding – Seattle, Washington

Matt Harding, a writer from Seattle, Washington, investigates the tremendous effects of globalization on interpersonal relationships as well as the difficulties of surviving in a connected world. He considers how complicated a worldwide society is and how it clashes with instincts from the past. Global tribes, bridging diverse cultures, and navigating the interconnected world, are transforming our brains and fostering unity; Shared experiences and storytelling help future generations navigate the complexities of this interconnected world.

Connecting to a global tribe is organized by order of time and event because Matt Harding first explains what was happening in the past when he states that he had the privilege to travel around the world, and that was the hope of anyone his age. The authors indicate the events that occurred at this time and that everyone wanted to be related and dance with them. He had to invite them to join everywhere; he traveled from Toronto and Tokyo to Timbuktu (Harding, 2023). People want to be seen. Heard, and they are curious to hear and see others from places far away.

The author has put the details to understand why we feel the urge to travel and see new people despite our minds being able to hold a little social network. The author takes us to his past by explaining what happened, evident through phrases like “I have had the privilege to see a lot more of the world than anyone my age could reasonably hope to” (Harding, 2023). He then takes us to the present when he returns the report and finally explains what he believes the future will be like for his generation regarding relationships due to globalization.

The essay by Matt Harding emphasizes the value of interpersonal relationships in today’s technologically advanced culture. His stories of dancing with people from many cultures show the simplicity and joy shared experiences can bring (Harding, 2023). In contrast to the intricacy of the global tribe, Harding underlines the ability of shared experiences to reduce perceived differences and bridge divides. It would be easier to comprehend the author’s perspective on globalization and human connection if there was more information on their experiences and how they affected those two concepts.

The essay “Connecting the Global Tribe” examines how globalization has affected interpersonal relationships and the value of shared experiences. The author bridges cultural boundaries and encourages readers to look for genuine connections by using personal experiences and storytelling to share their perspectives. The combination of dance videos and common experiences shows how powerfully common experiences can unite individuals despite great cultural and geographic disparities (Harding, 2023). The essay is approachable and interesting due to the personal narrative style and storytelling, encouraging readers to identify with the author’s experiences and observations.

If I could, I would like to learn more about the precise elements of the essay that most struck a chord with my students who selected it, as well as how they believe the concepts it presents may be applied to their own circumstances or society as a whole. If I could ask the essay’s author a question, I would like to know about their most memorable and influential interaction while dancing with individuals from other nations and how it affected their viewpoint on human connection and globalization.


Harding, M. (2023). Connecting to a global tribe. This I Believe.


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