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Concerns or Questions About the Doctoral

Nevertheless, the most frightening part of my academic journey at this stage is juggling medical school demands and family life with a full-time job. Time management of allocating time to read articles, write papers, and post actively on discussion boards feels like a never-ending balancing act. It results in creating nervousness and anxiety in me. I fear disappointing my professors, colleagues, or family members by not making all the commitments. This challenge can also be addressed through prioritization and time management.

As for how the material of this course affects my career and personal life, the research methods that I learn in this class can be used to enhance practices and policies within my workplace. Knowing how to construct good studies, analyze data, and interpret results will make me more efficient as I advise my organization on future projects (Jie Lee & Wong, 2023). In a more personal sense, this course provides me with persistence and self-discipline that I can utilize to accomplish other tasks, such as running a marathon or playing the piano.

What can I expect to receive if, at some point, I start feeling overwhelmed with the doctoral program? Is coaching or mentoring available? If I need help, could there be counsellors I can talk to? Knowing who and where I can turn to for support would increase my confidence in dealing with stressful times.

Some of my assets are excellent writing skills, continued resilience, and the confidence not to hesitate to ask questions when something does not make sense. I appreciate that academic writing has always been one of my strengths because the quality and level of writing are so important in a doctoral program (Lachance et al., 2020). I can always put my research in writing for future and further analysis. Because of my perseverance, I have earned through years of sports and climbing the career tree. However, when I run into a bump in the road, instead of giving up, it just makes me more committed. At last, I understand that a good scholar knows his limitations and asks advice from others instead of concealing in strife.

Moreover, if I start experiencing unmanageable levels of stress, I will speak to several comforting people in my life. Speaking out to a trustworthy person is out. My husband is a very good listener and pep talker when l feel overwhelmed. Some close friends who have earned their PhDs are willing to provide mentorship as I walk through the process (Nerad et al., 2022). Lastly, I can use the student advisory service on campus should I require further help with time management, goal setting, or any general motivation.

The first knowledge gap I must fill is understanding the advanced statistical analysis methods that will be useful when processing data and conducting my original research. These analytics courses will take longer than usual as I intend to make rich notes and look for opportunities like webinars or workshops that complement the coursework (RockinsonSzapkiw, 2019). With effort, these abilities will be developed.

This check-in has supported managing some emotional obstacles and practical hard skills necessary to target my concerns. I am now prepared to use all my skills and resources toward the rewarding goal of acquiring a Ph.D.I will be able to advance my academic achievements and increase my knowledge and skills. The self-reflection and personal growth will undoubtedly make the pressures of this journey worthwhile.


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