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Concept Explanation: Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attack is any form of malicious conduct that occurs online and is carried out methodically (Pandey et al., 2020). Fraud, malware viruses, cyberstalking, and other similar activities are all instances of cybercrime. Al-Mhiqani et al. (2018) define cyber-attacks as assaults by hackers using one or more computers to conduct an assault on a target system or system. Cyber-attacks lead to power outages, broken military hardware, and the exposure of sensitive government information (Al-Mhiqani et al., 2018). One possible outcome is the theft of private information, such as medical records. They may knock out power to whole networks when they strike, rendering the information useless. Cyber security threats like identity theft and extortion attempts may have devastating personal consequences. The security of our records and sensitive information is crucial to every one of us.

Nowadays, in what is essentially the Internet Age, a large percentage of the world’s population has access to the World Wide Web. Since the prevalence of internet access has grown, so too has the potential for cyber-attacks. Information on customers of big banks and other financial institutions is typically kept digitally or in the cloud. Both systems are more convenient for the end user and increase the rate at which services may be provided. However, with sophisticated technology, hackers may compromise databases and steal money from banks. This highlights the need for data security and the prevention of cyber assaults in banks and all major organizations. In today’s world, everyone seems to be on some electronic device connected to the internet. That is why there are so many cybercriminals out there, and malware is one of the most pervasive threats spreading throughout the web. Therefore, it is of the utmost need to implement more robust strategies for protecting data in cyberspace, particularly on the internet. Therefore, implementing effective cybersecurity measures, including access control, firewalls, security software, and awareness campaigns, is crucial to guarantee the internet’s safety. To learn more, check out this sample essay about the relevance of cyber security in the modern internet age:

As a growing nation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suffered a sharp increase in cybercrime in recent years. The number of people who have access to the internet and those who utilize cyber-based technologies as part of the nation’s Critical Infrastructure is expanding at never before (Al-Mhiqani et al., 2018). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now cutting edge on many emerging technologies. The entire country is at risk if a country’s technology infrastructure is upgraded without corresponding security measures. Today, a nation-state may take its pick from various choices, including collaborating with a wide range of international organizations, to boost its cyber security.

One local case, mainly, is the Phishing Cyber Attack that Cost Dubai’s Cheers Exhibition $53,000. Cheers Exhibition is a full-service exhibition firm that creates and installs displays for various clients. More than 11 years have passed since they first hit store shelves. The company’s email system was breached, distributing phishing emails to customers (“Top 10 cybersecurity breaches in the United Arab Emirates,” n.d.). It was not until a client contacted to inquire what was going on that Cheers Exhibition found out their server had been compromised. While this was happening, the hackers coaxed a Russian customer into sending over $53,000 abroad (“Top 10 cybersecurity breaches in the United Arab Emirates,” n.d.). When they checked their website, they found that hackers had also gained access.


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