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Computer Technology Trends

The world today is evolving at a rapid rate, and the field of information technology is not lagging behind. There has been a continuous supply of new ideas within this industry classified as trends and emerging technologies. This paper will discuss these technologies regarding the time of writing in 2022. Notably, some of these emerging technologies are facilitated by the challenges we have faced and opportunities that have presented themselves. Regardless, the efforts within information and technology have remarkably proven to be a continuation of innovation tied to brilliance not only due to necessity but also out of a sheer desire for talented minds. More importantly, there is always something new in every industry at every given time. This is to acknowledge that trends are subject to relevance tied to time and not associated with popularity.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly integrated into our daily lives. It has been used for voice recognition, navigation, personal assistants and much more. It has presented notable effects on humanity’s day-to-day lives. More interestingly, AI is still within its early days of invention and application. AI has been speculated to be used in an intricate process that humans could not handle in the past (Duggal, 2022). AI can compute fundamental human interactions and provide connections and insights.

Furthermore, this feature can be used in various environments, including hospitals, to facilitate personalized experiences for patients. This is to say that it can detect patient patterns, which would aid proper treatment overall (Sakovich, 2022). AI can analyze data and conduct numerous computations in real-time, making it flexible and efficient (Duggal, 2022). It is an up-and-coming innovation that has continuously and aggressively been exploited to unlock its full potential (Sakovich, 2022).

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things IoT has continued to make its way to the list of technological trends as it doesn’t stand still. It comes as a bundle of several aspects of technology such as cloud computing and 5g connectivity, discussed later in this paper. IoT collectively increases technology efficiency and eradicates latency (Duggal, 2022). The world continues to embrace the internet in one way or the other. As such, these IoT solutions are directly expanding technological advancement. It has allowed consumers to access a web of interconnected devices, such as remotely locking your house door through a mobile device (Duggal, 2022). They continue to express that the projected earnings in this trend will reach $1.1 trillion.

5G Internet

It is not surprising to have 5G as its pressors 3G and 4G have faced constant upgrades and research since invention. The technology is more than 10 times faster than its predecessors (Sakovich, 2022). The latter has allowed us to browse the internet at high speeds (increased bandwidth) and stream media from online platforms such as YouTube. However, 5G incorporates technologies such as AR and VR and enhances the cloud-based gaming experience. The technology will also be implemented in factories to improve safety through HD cameras. More interestingly, it will also enhance traffic management and intelligent grid control. Furthermore, innovative retail use will be an added advantage.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing simply refers to a drastic increase in the computing power of machines. More computing power results in increased efficiency and thus more productivity. Generally, this power can be used to make analyses and predictions that can reach the rate of a trillion moves per second (Sakovich, 2022) (Create & Learn Team, 2020). This computing power has been tested in real-world conditions to improve life quality. A classic example includes hybrid car technology, where the car can adapt to the driver’s driving style in real-time to reduce vehicle fuel consumption (Kaviani, 2009). This technology can adjust by making real-time computations at high speed (Sakovich, 2022). It uses the adaptive control system that receives and acts upon the computed data (Kaviani, 2009). Quantum computing is also within its early days of testing and application. Further research on the topic is imminent before its adoption or consideration for use within existing and developmental technologies.

Edge Computing

Otherwise known as cloud computing provides software with scalability. Cloud space removes the limits of physical space that can be expanded exponentially with the help of virtual computers. The latter makes up the resources utilized within this technology, and there have been more and more inventions for increasing cloud computing power. The technology is relatively easy to use, as discussed by Create & Learn Team in their blog (2022). They say that 94% of data centre traffic comes from cloud computing technology. Also, the technology allows processing of time-sensitive data in remote locations with challenged connectivity from a centralized location (Duggal, 2022). This useability continues to contribute to the IoT trend overall.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has been around for a while now yet appears to still be a trend. Similar to IoT, new innovations and applications within the same make it worth the time. Firstly, VR allows users to immerse themselves into an environment, whereas AR enhances the user’s environment. These technologies have primarily been used in gaming and military training. Specifically, naval training through the Virtualship simulation software. In 2020, 20% of the adults in the United States used a VR headset at least once during the year. The technology has potential for educational and socializing use soon. Currently, it is dominantly used in the gaming field by the general public.

Blockchain Technology

When blockchain is mentioned, one must understand cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and data as they make up fundamental concepts of the topic. The blockchain refers to data that can only be added to and prohibits users from taking away from the data or changing the data (Duggal, 2022). It offers a unique type of security that has become quite popular with time, as is the case for Bitcoin, the first ever form of the blockchain. Its nature is intricate since it allows users to have the data, but none of them can make changes to induvial blocks or the entire chain. The increasing dominance of blockchain technology has facilitated the demand for professionals on the concept and its mode of operation. As such, there are blockchain developers in this area who specialize in developing and formulating solutions using blockchain technology


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