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Cognitive Attentional Syndrome in Hong Kong People With Depression


The article “Cognitive attentional syndrome in Hong Kong people with depression” was published on Academic Search by Chiu-Kim Lam and Wing-Hong Tsang (2023). The heath-related report is investigative and aims to reduce the increasing depression among adults in China. 15% of the world’s adult population, which account for 260 million people, suffer from depression-related disorders, the highest being cognitive attentional syndrome (Lam & Tsang, 2022). With the increase in negative thinking patterns, inflexibility, and maladaptive behaviors, Cognitive attentional disorder is the leading causative agent of diseases in 2030.

Author’s Purpose

Cognitive attentional syndrome is a mental health condition characterized by toxic thinking which arises from continued depression. The article aims to identify the initial stages of depression, using indicators such as anxiety and fear to curb the disorder. Taking Hong Kong as the cases study, the author’s purpose is to use traditional metacognitive strategies to assess the prevalence of the syndrome among the healthy population. Showing depression among a sample who do not portray any signs of mental instability shows the efficiency of traditional cognitive methods.


Since the article researches the lifestyles of adults living in Hong Kong, the Chinese are the primary audience. The article, with supportive statistics, proposes traditional therapy, which is the most appropriate solution to reverse the negative thinking trends among people in China (Lam & Tsang, 2022). The authors praise the ancient meta-cognitive ways of identifying depression, translated in Chinese rather than the modern English-translated methods.

Style And Design Used in The Article

The three-step statistical style in the data analysis, which includes observation, correlation, and analysis, portrays the intensity of the study. A formal tone, which lacks persuasion, gives the advantages of traditional over modern meta-cognitive methods of identifying depression among the Chinese. In the article design, population sampling is the initial data collection step, which gives way to statistical analysis of people with major depressive diseases (Lam & Tsang, 2022). Sixty-four patients, representing a large sample of participants, are used in the experiment to promote accuracy, making the results from the cognitive strategy reliable.

Rhetorical Appeals

The authors use Ethos as the primary type of rhetoric appeal. Since intention is a major component of Ethos, the author’s primary aim is to improve health and well-being among the Chinese by reducing depression in its population. Contrary to most health reports’ lack of impartiality in their analysis, Chiu-Kim Lam addresses both the strengths and weaknesses of traditional metacognitive analysis procedures. (Lam & Tsang, 2022). The high patient-physician ratio challenges effective treatment, an element of Ethos. Since depression is caused s by repeated negative thinking, the authors unearth the role of thinking on health and well-being. The journal article links common human feelings such as sadness and anxiety, interconnected human traits, to depression, promoting suspense in China and the rest of the world.

Modes, Media, and Genre Conventions

In the efforts to curb negative emotions and ruminations, the article addresses the place of traditional modes of therapy. The authors’ primary focus is to improve mental stability amongst the Chinese population since depression’s leading factors are inevitable (Lam & Tsang, 2022). This article’s central focus is strong internal attitudes, such as self-control. To escape anxiety and worry and have high mental stability, the author discourages momentarily happiness promoted by drugs and sexual activities. An expository genre is used in the article since sixty-four people with toxic lifestyles are sampled to show the prevalence of cognitive attentional syndrome among the general Chinese population.


In conclusion, a comprehensive antidepressant treatment program is critical for maintaining a healthy community. This is because of the increased risk that depression poses for developing numerous diseases. The article systematically identifies persons with a major depressive disease, which leads to cognitive attentional disorder. Traditional methods of identifying the disorder, including human assessment tests on rumination and worry, guarantee accurate control measures compared to modern technological devices, which diagnose depression in its later stages.


Lam, K. C. K., & Tsang, H. W. H. (2022). Cognitive attentional syndrome in Hong Kong people with depression. Environmental and Occupational Health Practice4(1).


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