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Clinical Consultation and Clinical Supervision


Clinical consultation refers to the involvement of two or more parties in a discussion of particular issues of patients’ risks, needs, and functioning between the clinical supervisor and the other staff members. Clinical supervision is an executive evolution pursuit where the less experienced clinician can use the knowledge of their supervisor to address any issues in knowledge. Clinical consultation and supervision help a lot by making the patients, staff, or other people acquire skills and improve or widen their clinical performance. People are to discuss matters without fear of each other and they can improve in their decision making and also the supervisors will have an improvement in their professional exercise. Therefore this is a detailed discussion of the importance and disadvantage of clinical supervision and consultation.


The two terms have a difference in their meaning. Clinical consultation is sharing of experiences, advice, and expertise between two mental health experts while clinical supervision is about the direction and education of a supervisor that is on a more ceaseless basis(Barnett, J. E., & Molzon, C. H., p.70 (2014).

Clinical consultation helps to throw light on ethical matters giving the patients knowledge on a certain matter. Consultation enables discussion it involves collaboration between two parties, promotes respect between the patients and the supervisor since they were able to bring their matters together. Needs and the interest of the patients are being brought through the consultation process.

Clinical supervision provides an environment that enables proper exploration of personal and emotional reactions of the supervisor to their work. Helps in challenging their practice in safe and personal surroundings at the same time they get feedback on their knowledge, this engages in professional improvement.

Clinical consultation and supervision also have their limitations. Poor supervision and poor consultation lead to disrespect among the patients, providing false communication since the patients or the employees may fear to say the truth and end up giving false information. Leads to minimal assistance/help given to the employees.

Sally before judging lauries should have considered the codes of ethical decision making. Sally should have considered whether the consultation between Laurie and Phillip is beneficial to Phillip or not. Sally should have considered all the principles of ethical decision-making before expressing some concerns about her observation of interactions between Laurie and Phillip. Those ethical principles include justice, answerability, fidelity, and philosophy through this observance could give clear evidence of the consultation and discussion(Bailey, (Isobel) Ruth, Bell, K., Kalle, W., & Pawar, M., p. 480(2014).

Some of the peers of consultation to Laurie by sally include the need to be involved in the consultation issues. Fear of elimination sally in her mind there was a thought ao being avoided cause Phillip decided to consult Laurie and not him/her. Sally was not feeling safe seeing Phillip consulting Laurie and sally needed to feel safety and security from his/her peers.


Therefore according to the discussion, one can understand why there is the development of enmity or fear of trust in someone due to the peer’s pressure which most of them are negative. Clinical consultation and clinical supervision lead to improvement and development of the plan or a business cause this reduces the pressure of fear which results in inaccurate data updates or information. Results also to the principles of ethical of decision making allowing proper understanding and everyone feeling being part of the staff. Also their some disadvantages of poor consultation and poor supervision. This disadvantage hinders the growth of a business by increasing disrespect among the staff members.


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Practice, 28(4), 479–495.


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