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Civilizations and Cultures

Early humans’ innovations and technology in trade and religion laid the groundwork for the contemporary way of life and the development of Western Civilization. Furthermore, a trade aided and enabled the creation of international trade routes and the interaction of individuals worldwide. Trade was a crucial boon for human interaction, elevating cross-cultural encounters to new heights (Stewart). The idea of self-sufficiency ceased when humanity first travelled and established in diverse locations, cities, and towns, including Mesopotamia, and people embraced new ways of life. In general, different civilizations worldwide engaged in commerce because people and communities required it as a means of exchange. Moreso, trade moved the planet and helped societies survive. The impact of civilizations on the evolution of Western Civilization is examined in this paper.

Impact of Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe made significant contributions to Western Civilization in a variety of ways. For example, the Greeks’ remarkable achievements in science, mathematics, and philosophy impacted Western Civilization and fueled massive city growth and economic improvement in Western countries (Spielvogel). The inhabitants of Medieval Europe were educated through culture, which was often taught by priests who were regarded as powerful intellects and laypeople. The geography of Medieval Europe had a significant impact on the Civilization since it determined who would be trading, sharing traditional beliefs, and provoking conflict. Cold or dry periods, for example, might have a significant influence on traders, particularly those who rely on labour and those who are dependent on labourers, because individuals would be unable to move readily from one location to another.

Impact of Rome

The conventional systems of Western culture were built on the foundation of Rome’s law and judicial system. The use of Latin as a language aided the development of Western Civilization. Latin provided Rome with a great opportunity to unite the peoples of its empire, which the empire seized. Because the Romans admired the Greeks, educated Romans communicated in writing and orally using the Latin and Greek languages. The languages were widely spoken throughout the empire’s Hellenistic area.

Impact of Greece

The Greek culture left an indelible mark on the modern world. The civilization n was the forerunner of the democratic government system used by all governments today. The mother of democracy is Greek. Demos and Kratos are two Greek words that came together to form democracy. Demos denotes the people, whereas Kratos denotes the law. The Greek civilization also developed the first geometric theorems, which were later accepted by the rest of the globe (Spiro). The Olympic Games, which are the brainchild of Greek Civilization, are also watched worldwide. The rituals practised during the Greek civilization had an impact. In the Civilization, initiation rituals were practised. They worshipped various initiation gods, including Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, and Hermes. Due to the presence of deities for initiation, both male and female adolescents passed through various transition stages in their lives. During the Mycenaean Civilization, the ancient Greek Civilization valued greenery and fertility as their colander guided them, according to iconographic representations.

Impact of Mesopotamia

Composing, math, medication, libraries, street organizations, trained creatures, spoked wheels, the zodiac, cosmology, looms, furrows, the general set of laws, and even brew assembling and counting are on the whole instances of things that have been around for quite a while. These are only a couple of Mesopotamia’s ideas and thoughts, which altogether affected Western Civilization. Meso additionally signifies “between the waterways,” The Tigris and Euphrates streams are utilized as a path on the presentation lobby floor for visitors to wander through (Tocchetto, pg 183). It is coordinated sequentially, starting with Sumerian pictographs and cuneiform composition.

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