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Choice Theory: Getting What I Want!

What do I Want? Who do I Want to be?

I desire authority and productivity when I consider what I genuinely want. I aspire to become a person who emanates confidence and commands respect in all aspects of my life. First and foremost, I seek the authority to lead and inspire others. I am a guiding light and mentor who can positively affect those around me. Whether in my community or among my peers, I endeavor to support others, assisting them in realizing their potential and achieving their objectives.

Regarding my professional goals, I intend to establish a prosperous business and cultivate a flourishing entrepreneurial lifestyle. I aspire to become a leader in my chosen profession, earning the recognition and esteem of my colleagues and clients. To achieve this, I am committed to putting forth the necessary effort, continually enhancing my skills, and taking calculated risks to pursue growth and success. In addition, I long for a sense of daily productivity. I aspire to maximize my time and abilities, utilizing them to yield significant outcomes. Being efficient, organized, and focused, I can complete my tasks and achieve my objectives with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. By embodying productivity, I can maximize my potential and positively influence my personal and professional spheres. I desire to be heard and respected in my interactions with others. I endeavor to articulate my thoughts and ideas with assurance, without dread of being disregarded or overlooked. By fostering open and respectful communication, I want to create a setting where my voice is heard and valued for its unique perspective. Balance and empathy are as crucial as authority and productivity. I must lead with justice and compassion, knowing my subordinates’ needs. By combining these attributes, I can create a peaceful and supportive workplace where everyone feels empowered to participate and achieve. My ambition to be authoritative and productive comes from a genuine desire to improve the world. I want to make a difference, inspire people, and strengthen my town and society.

What am I Currently Doing to Get What I Want?

I am actively taking several steps to progress to achieve my goal of becoming authoritative and productive. I have tried several strategies and learned from my mistakes to boost consumer involvement and support for my business. I upload images or videos once a day since I understand how important it is to provide new material consistently. I’ve seen growth in my target audience and customer engagements as a result of doing this. To promote a sense of appreciation and loyalty among my consumers, I also thank them for using my services and purchasing my products. Customers have shared my items and kept in touch due to this strategy, which has eventually increased support for my firm.

Additionally, I have actively pursued knowledge and development by studying ideas like choice theory. I’ve learned more about myself and the dynamics of my relationships through exploring these concepts. I’ve discovered that it’s best to take a moment to collect myself and breathe before arguing or yelling in my dealings with family members. The knowledge that I am in charge of how a discussion turns out has been a major epiphany. My emotional and physical health has improved due to this viewpoint change since I now approach conversations more comfortably. Furthermore, I’ve learned that not only myself but everyone wants to be understood and loved. By accepting this, I can build relationships with my family that are more peaceful and meaningful.

Using these experiences as a foundation, I intend to use my authority and knowledge to inspire and guide others. I plan to share comparable content that resonates with individuals who aspire to be authoritative and productive by leveraging my experience. I aim to guide and inspire others on their personal and professional development paths by developing intelligent and valuable resources.

In a nutshell, I am actively pursuing my objective of becoming authoritative and productive. Through consistent content production, conveying gratitude to customers, following personal development, and approaching conversations with mindfulness, I am progressing toward embodying the qualities I seek. In the future, I am committed to utilizing my authority to encourage and uplift others, sharing my experiences and insights to influence those around me positively.

How is what I am Doing Effective For Getting What I Want?

I conclude that I desire authority and productivity when I consider what I genuinely desire. I’ve realized that to accomplish this, and I must concentrate on my personal development and make positive adjustments. Reconsidering situations before taking action has profoundly influenced my mental health and is one of the effective strategies I have implemented.

By not pursuing the last word in arguments, I have chosen to be the more mature individual. This improves my mental health and strengthens my relationships with my family. My overall health has significantly improved since I began prioritizing my actions and avoiding superfluous conflicts. Consequently, the last time I visited my doctor was at the beginning of the year, a significant accomplishment.

Regarding my business and gaining support, I have discovered that my strategy has effectively achieved my objectives. Existing supporters have increased in number of subscribers, favorites, and overall engagement. The visitor numbers on my website and social media platforms have increased by 30% since the beginning of the year. In addition, I have received customer feedback praising my superior customer service compared to other businesses.

This encouraging response has been essential to my continued motivation. Knowing that people value my offerings inspires me to maintain good client interactions. Consequently, people have started promoting my company on social media and through personal recommendations. It is rewarding to hear from customers who learn about my company through word-of-mouth or internet interactions since it shows that my efforts are practical.

What Else Could I Do to Get What I Want?

I need to learn how to listen actively first and foremost. This entails being mute throughout talks and restraining myself from offering my ideas or thoughts (Jonsdottir et al. 188). I may foster respect and understanding by listening to people without interrupting or passing judgment. This routine improves relationships and offers insightful information that I may use to guide my future actions and choices.

I should also restrain myself from speaking before the talk has naturally come to an end. Thanks to this more confident attitude, I can thoroughly consider the conversation and then make insightful remarks. By doing this, I may show a higher level of comprehension, exhibit critical thinking, and gain the respect of others. My authority will increase with thoughtful and reflective comments, promoting fruitful dialogues.

I need to improve my communication skills to be more persuasive and productive. I must put more effort into improving my written and spoken communication skills. Finding resources on successful communication, such as books, classes, or seminars, may offer insightful information and valuable strategies. I’ll be able to persuade others, project authority, and create positive results by developing my ability to communicate my thoughts clearly, concisely, and convincingly.

Building strong client connections is essential to achieve authority and productivity in my firm. I should consistently thank clients for their business and provide support following a transaction. This establishes a relationship of trust and loyalty and reflects my dedication to their happiness. Customers who are happy with my products or services turn, become fervent supporters and contributors to the expansion of my company’s authority.

I must develop inner balance and awareness to grow authority and productivity further. My everyday routines will become more stress-free and more focused and help me retain mental clarity if I incorporate meditation or mindfulness activities. I may approach circumstances with a calmer temperament, make wise judgments, and convey my objectives by cultivating inner peace and self-awareness. Personal authority and ongoing productivity are built on internal equilibrium.

Finally, I should spend time and energy studying negotiation and dispute-resolution techniques. These abilities will enable me to resolve arguments or disagreements successfully. I can express my authority while promoting constructive outcomes if I understand many viewpoints, actively seek win-win solutions, and maintain composure in stressful situations. I can confidently negotiate difficult circumstances, uphold relationships, and promote beneficial results by acquiring these abilities.

What Will I Do?

I can approach situations calmly, make wise judgments, and convey my objectives if I care for my inner peace and self-awareness. Gain negotiating and conflict resolution skills: I’ll put in the time and effort to learn how to resolve disputes and conflicts successfully. To express my authority and encourage constructive resolve, I will work to comprehend many points of view, look for win-win solutions, and maintain my composure. I may increase my influence and productivity through these steps by communicating effectively. It demands commitment and effort, but the benefits will aid my personal development and help me succeed in various spheres of my life.

Works Cited

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