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Characteristics of American Religion

The American religion is characterized by diversity in the form of practices, religious beliefs, and adherence levels (Budiman, 2020). The majority of the residents in the United States are Christians and comprise Protestants and Catholics. The other adult population associates themselves with Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Judaism among others. There is also another group that does not have any religious affiliation. People in the United States acknowledge that religion is an important part of their lives. This has promoted the flourishment of many religions including those that are a result of multicultural immigration heritage. The establishment and flourishing of the many religions have made America be one of the most religiously diverse countries around the world.

The presence of many religions allows for some citizens to practice more than one religion. The practice thrives due to the diversity of the religious systems that co-exist within the society. This may be at times considered to be an interfaith dialogue where there are members of different religions whose objective is to minimize and eliminate possible confrontations by sticking to an agreed mutually desirable objective. The freedom of religion that is practiced in the United States allows individuals to accept other religions and practices.

The United States has undergone profound demographic changes that have reshaped the character of the religious identity. A considerable amount of change has been as an increment in the number of individuals who are not affiliated to any religion. Additionally, the number of white Christians has experienced a decline over time (Blumberge, 2015). The American Catholics are experiencing major alterations due to the composition of the immigrants from other parts of the world and especially Latin America.

The increasing religious diversity has had an impact on religious and cultural life. Religious intermarriages have been on the rise. The younger generations are having varying religious compositions and social contexts. The level of religious diversity in the United States is a reflection of Americans’ core social networks.

The American religion offers a way of social interaction and network among the members (Mirola, Monahan & Emerson, 2015). Religion has had associations with sociability, political engagement, and civic involvement. However, the social benefits of religious practice participation may be diminishing. The American involvement in religious communities indicates minimal extensive social networks. The number of Americans attending religious services regularly has sidelined the social networks. Additionally, the number of people who attend religious services has more social networks. Religious Americans indicate that their close social circles comprise members of other faiths due to the diversity resulting from members of other religious beliefs. Americans with little diversity in their social network have little doubts about their beliefs.

In conclusion, the American religion is diverse and has citizens practice more than one religion. However, some religions have a larger affiliation compared to others. Additionally, some religions are enjoying an increase in the number of individuals affiliated with them while others are experiencing a decline. One of the religions that are experiencing a decline in Christianity. The diversity in religion has been attributed to many immigrants and the open-minded culture of the American people. Intermarriages among individuals of different communities are also creating diversity in religion and increasing the individual’s likelihood of practicing more than one religion. This indicates that the diversity in the religion is likely to keep increasing. Religion also creates social interactions and networks among the American people.


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