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Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare: Case Analysis

Solid personal values and character are important to become an effective leader. Exemplary character helps build respect and trust in a leader, thus positively influencing the ability of a leader to sustain a positive change in the organization. Examples of good character in leadership include effective communication, ability to solve conflicts, understanding the diverse nature of team members, and listening to team members’ ideas. Josie Walsh, the CEO of Providence Healthcare, leadership virtues such as accountability, good communication, collaboration, and integrity has helped transform the organization (Weil & Reddin, 2017). A close analysis of the Providence Case is essential in understanding alternatives that Walsh will implement to sustain the positive change at Providence Healthcare.

Problems Facing the Organization

Josie Walsh needs a strategic plan to help sustain the positive growth at Providence Healthcare. The strategic plan will help convince the stakeholders during the strategic planning retreat. Josie also faces the challenge of winning the support of majority stakeholders during the retreat and influencing employees to become accountable (Weil & Reddin, 2017). In addition, the CEO of Providence Healthcare is faced with the challenge of integrating values that have played a key role in the transformation and encouraging collaboration between the organization and stakeholders.

Solutions to the Problems

Providence Healthcare should focus on finding a long-term growth plan to sustain positive growth in the long term. The stakeholders and the CEO should consider utilizing a strategic planning approach to sustain the competitive advantage in the long run. Strategic planning approaches help formulate goals and plans to address business challenges and include developing the organization’s mission and vision, analysis of the internal and external environment, and analysis of the identification of the organization’s mandate (George et al., 2019).

Walsh should continue acting as a role model to foster and influence employees to become more accountable and adopt ethical working practices. In the past, the CEO implemented Transformation by Design value-based leadership, which greatly improved the hospital’s performance. Leading by role model is an alternative that Walsh can implement to encourage employees to adopt ethical work practices and become more accountable. There is a need to influence stakeholders to agree with Walsh’s leadership style. Providence Healthcare stakeholders play an important role in influencing sustained growth and performance in the long run. Therefore, convincing the stakeholders to adopt the value-driven leadership style is crucial to achieving a long-term sustained development plan.

Recommended Solution

Stakeholder engagement is the best alternative for fostering collaboration in the organization and achieving the overall goal of sustained performance in the long run. Stakeholder engagement helps to ensure a beneficial relationship between parties in the organization who work towards achieving a common goal to dedicate their efforts towards achieving improved organization performance (Modha, 2021). Working beyond personal interests will help stakeholders collaborate for the common benefit of the organization.

Expected Outcomes

Stakeholder engagement will help to ensure shared responsibilities between individuals involved in the general well-being of the organization. Defining each player’s role in the organization will help avoid role conflicts. A mutually beneficial relationship will help instil collaboration, ethics, and trust in everyone in the organization.


Leaders who are driven by character look beyond self-gain and personal interests to propel their teams and organization to greater heights of success. Josie Walsh’s character has significantly led the organization towards adopting immersing changes. Walsh has incorporated value-guided leadership and personal virtues in her role as the CEO of Providence Healthcare. The solution to the organization’s challenges regards effectively utilizing effective collaboration between stakeholders.


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