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Challenges Faced by Leaders When Managing Diversity

Many life science organizations recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce, and diversity is transforming human resources. However, it is fraught with difficulties. Conflict may eventually arise when employees are near one another for more than 35 hours per week, as stated by Palalar et al. (2022). If preventative measures aren’t taken, workplace diversity may exacerbate the problem. There is no denying the wealth of advantages that workplace diversity offers, including enhanced problem-solving abilities, increased output, and monetary advancement. While workplace diversity can seem straightforward, many hiring managers and CEOs need to know how challenging it might be to implement. Therefore, to be prepared with solutions and guarantee that diversity initiatives consider them, decision-makers should be aware of the various challenges they may face.

Numerous challenges arise from diverse workforces, including communication problems, opinions, hostility, diversity application challenges, and the absorption of lousy talent. The paper captures the above difficulties and their solutions and gives effective strategies for the challenges.

According to Palalar et al. (2022), if shifting to a more diverse future is challenging, your employees will become dissatisfied. Implementing a diversity determination can complete a 180 from the administration’s establishment principles for numerous established life-discipline organizations. Several people are cautious about transformation, so there is no need to worry in the case of opposition. People are routine followers; hence, they fight to alter their behavior, especially when it becomes deeply rooted in their minds.

Messaging among members can be difficult when the staff is diverse. Everyone may need to learn to speak the English language. Language barriers may cause ineffective communication among members. The output and team agreement level may only improve if set directives are well understood. Administrations with diverse work plans try to close the age and gender gaps. If demographic differences strengthen language preferences, colleagues could have difficulty understanding. For example, male employees may be nasty to their managers, which can affect misinterpretations (Hoang et al., 2022). Consecutively, younger employees could get used to terminology and vocabulary new to older generations. These messaging problems can arise anytime, both at work and outside.

Diverse staffs approach the same condition differently and express their views differently since they have varied upbringings and experiences. According to Van et al. (2022), workers who do this benefit your company because they will continue to come up with fresh ideas and spot problems. Only when there are a few diverse points of view can an agreement be reached. Innovative fixes for issues could be buried in the flood of ideas. A corporation’s ability to meet deadlines may need to be improved by a surplus of workers due to this drop in productivity.

Even if we don’t like to admit it, humans make decisions based on prejudice rather than logic and evidence. Despite their best efforts, people will use unconscious biases to influence their judgments and evaluations at work. When co-workers doubt one another’s abilities to fulfill their jobs, distrust can develop between them.

Having a diverse staff seems great, but it could be challenging. Although there are many diversity tools available, there needs to be a diversity plan that is effective for all parties. This is because variety is defined differently by each individual.

Senior decision-makers and recruiting managers are accountable for enforcing diversity. According to Hoang et al. (2022), 38 percent of executives, the CEO, is a major supporter of efforts promoting diversity and inclusion. The only problem is that because 41 percent of managers claimed they were “too busy” to implement diversity programs, growth might soon be stifled. Since managers occasionally have other priorities and require more Diverse plans don’t always get the emphasis they need and deserve since it takes a lot of work to manage such a big, time-consuming business.


You can retain any diverse employees who already work for your business to reach your goal of a more diverse workforce. However, productivity, morale, and innovation suffer when inferior performers are present.

Time is well spent when employees who require assistance continue to perform well. If an employee needs to be functioning better and no amount of additional training is improving things, you should consider firing them. You can find a good substitute right away. No matter how diverse your workforce is, keep one underachiever from undermining the success of your business. If your employees have questions about the assignment, encourage them to inquire. Always provide clarifications up front rather than waiting to fix mistakes. Select a common vocabulary and professional conversation to avoid misunderstandings.

No matter the challenges, try to hire as many bilingual staff as possible. A substantial competitive advantage is provided by bilingual staff, especially if your company conducts international business. Employees may need some time to acclimate, so please be patient. If given a chance, children’s basic English abilities will grow quickly. Assist and instruct your employees to do the same.

Choose a group of powerful CEOs to sit on a committee that will weigh all perspectives before reaching a decision. The committee may evaluate each option and select the best one if an agreement cannot be reached. You can decide once a committee majority has been established.

Employees who are hesitant to join your organization should be informed of its values to quickly see if they no longer agree with them and leave. If you’re concerned about losing top performers, remember that finding exceptional employees who share your values will make it easier for you to accomplish your objectives.

Hiring managers must be able to recognize aggressive behavior. Staff employees’ education on diversity also enlightens them and lessens bias. Through awareness training, workers will discover that differences among co-workers are useful and not to be concerned about.

It would be beneficial if you made your team aware of the importance of achieving workplace diversity. Your workers will be much more receptive to and knowledgeable about the implementation process once they know the benefits that bringing in a diverse workforce may provide the organization.

Train employees on diversity so they can appreciate one another and realize its benefits. Consider your plans thoroughly and take your time. You must carefully consider them to ensure that you achieve your goals and are equipped to deal with challenges when they arise.


Although workplace diversity has the potential to benefit your company, it can also offer challenges. Even though they may be annoying and harmful to your entire organization, these issues can be avoided. Before starting your diversity project, prepare to deal with the abovementioned challenges. Rushing your diversity strategies increases the likelihood of creating more challenging problems.


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