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Case Study of Trivago Organization


This research was conducted with objective goals such as making people understand more about the global strategy and how it can be organized in any business to accomplish the set goals. These strategies are more necessary for making more profit in all business models in global competitions. (S.junisch at el., pg. 13.) With all that, the action of influencing of the customers will also be well brought out in this study hence doing the business to gain more profit. The concept of Organizational structures is also highlighted as one of the essential concepts of the business sectors. Based to chapter 2, most worldwide firms, such as regionalization, have been operating and competing with other sectors across the countries due to properly organized structures, resulting in the industry’s stability. Accepting leadership and how it will be put under place to open new opportunities in a given business will also be highly considered in this research. One of the leaders who have been successful in their duties includes CEO Steve, who always believes that any positive in any organization will increase the outcomes of the company. Innovation of industries such as Trivago and how it is archived will also be one of the primary focuses of this research. The continued innovation will make the company generate more profit because all the customer demands will be considered.

Key players and Critical facts

Additionally, some of the critical values in this organization include Mcdonald’s, which talks more about the business strategies (chapter 6) and how they are organized to make the business achieve all the set goals. This player has also shown that for any business to increase its profitability and revenue per year can only be gained through proper organizational structure, making it a fact. In (Chapter 4), Mcdonald’s encourages that good organizational structure will be involved in a competitive environment, improving the organization’s performance. Alfred Chandler, who has been a scholar in making people understand more about the organizational structure and strategy, is also one of the major players in this study. These players talk more about how an organization’s changes can do the business to gain more profit. He also suggests that most companies involve changes in their firm only when the circumstance forces them to do so, making it remain a fact whereby the company’s history completely changes to positive dimensions.

Key Problems and Goals

Since sonny has been known to be successful for the past years, but from the study, it is well shown that this company has been facing some different levels of problems such as being in an inability to coordinate all the activities in the organization due to poor cooperation among the work term hence resulting to poor communication in the company. Sonny has also been having problems in the field of performance. On the other hand, the term management had some issues such as weak and poor decision-making, leading to poor performance before the CEO came in to protect it. The sonny organization also has some very keen goals monitored to be archived. Since any organization must have goals, our company, sonny had the following goals. Apart from arranging to gain more profit through proper organization, there are also some plans to improve the culture through the coal values and the beliefs hence building more people to become future leaders. Another goal is to support new ideas in people, making those ideas more useful so as for these people to use them to improve their lives.

Analyzing critical concepts from The Textbook

From the basic knowledge, it is well agreed that for any business industry to go far, it must analyze and understand the external and internal factors. Therefore, all the factors that will result in a high level of business impacts must be well known to be given enough respect for the business to achieve its goals. Some of the factors that boost the business are modern Technology, proper means of transportation, government policies, and the availability of raw materials, which are categorized as external factors. On the other hand, the internal factors such as proper leadership, adequate capital, and adequate labor must also be well analyzed for all the business sectors to prosper. Other factors such as the culture and beliefs of the people in that community must be well checked. If they are against the company’s goals, the manager can use an influencer to make the community support and be in line with the organization.

From the textbook, an entrepreneur is also being mission as one of the factors that can do business to gain more profit. The company can have high returns (Cp 13 strategic entrepreneurship). All firms tailing entrepreneurship seriously are seen to be gain more profit from day to day because the manager can use the process to identify any business opportunity. The business should also have an open mind focused on innovation. (Cp 13-16, Implementing Internal Innovations 428.)The use of advanced Technology such as computers in the business will also expose the company to new opportunities. By collecting data from the customers, the information collected will enable the business to know the kind of product customers need to be served. The idea of change is also analyzed as one of the factors which will make the business go far. The changes in the way of doing things from traditional to modern can also result in high profit for the company. The introduction of mobile phones in communication is also a change that has done much business, including sonny being well impacted. (1-1b, Technology, and Technological changes)


Since the sonny company was established to fulfill human wants through the production of the best products, it has used some strategies such as good management process, attractive design to the other related companies on how to compete with them because, in the field of business, it’s very competitive. The international market entry is also well addressed, making the company have a good relationship with the customers. The strategy which is applied is giving promotions to customers. Based on the study, some of the sonny company’s problems are a company’s vision, which has been challenging people. Since the company can have dreams and goals to archive at a given time, that vision might be a challenge to the customer because it can sell products at a high price for it to attain through vision. Another kind of challenge noticed in These Companies is the problem of inadequate capital. Insufficient capital has become a problem for many companies, resulting in inadequate product production to the customers. Poor performance of the customers can also be categorized as a problem to these organizations due to poor leadership in the organization and delayed payment, hence making the customers lazy.


If the above problems discussed above are not solved, the results can result in the closure of the Sonny Company. If the company is closed, it can result in unemployment for many people and a high rate of crime due to poverty (Hitt). The sonny company has decided to solve the problem of inadequate finances by getting a loan from the Government. This loan will be used to buy raw materials for the company, making the company gain more profit. The advantage of this solution is that the company will gain stability after getting the loan, making the company not close. This solution can also have some the disadvantages, such as the company getting lost and hence not being in a position to return the borrowed money, which can make the company’s manager jailed and close the company. The other kind of problem mission is poor leadership which can be solved by ensuring that the company employees people with the proper qualifications and by offering free training to the employee. These can be advantageous to the company because they will produce the best product for customers. This solution can disadvantage the company when the trained customer decides to move away hence being employed by another company.


The recommendation to Sonny Company to offer free training to its employees will result in high profit for this organization. The products will be highly advised through training, hence making the company attract more customers. On the other hand, apart from the organization taking loans from banks to my raw material for the industry, the members can also cooperate with NOGs to do business together hence sharing the profit. The little money gained from the company can also be used to maintain the business by purchasing the raw material, hence assuming the company’s other activities such as reaction activities and renovation.


In conclusion, this case study makes us understand how to improve our business and open our minds to identify the core business players in any given company. Since all business sectors go through some problems in their operations, the study has also made us know how to know these problems when they appear in our companies. Some of the problems being said are inadequate capital and poor leadership; from the case study, our minds are now wide open on how to solve such problems. The case studies also showed us how we could apply all business strategies in our companies to gain more profit, hence archiving companies’ goals.


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