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Case Study: Corporate Governance


Concerns about the effectiveness of the board of directors, executive remuneration policies, and overall strategic vision are among the primary corporate governance difficulties ABC Ltd. Has been experiencing. Lack of necessary experience or competence among the board members of ABC Ltd. may be a cause for concern, as well as a failure to hold management responsible for performance difficulties (Hitt et al., 2019, n.p). A board’s inability to effectively supervise or make decisions might result in poor financial performance and operational problems. Another corporate governance problem that may affect a company’s performance is executive remuneration practices. If Executive compensation does not align with shareholder objectives, they can make immediate gains to create long-term value. There may be issues with objectivity as a result. This can result in a lack of attention on crucial strategic initiatives or investments, impacting the business’s financial performance. The stock price has decreased because the market and investors are concerned that the company has a well-defined and effective strategic plan. A corporation may struggle with uncertainty and lack of concentration if its long-term goals are unclear or at variance with its stakeholders. This can result in a decline in financial performance and operational problems.


By creating a clear and compelling strategic vision that aligns with the company’s long-term interests and considers the activist investors’ concerns, ABC Ltd. can interact with the activist investors and other shareholders. ABC Ltd. should pay close attention to and adequately assess the issues expressed by activist investors. To comprehend the investors’ concerns and create a shared understanding of the firm’s strategic direction, the corporation should participate in constructive communication with the investors (David, 2011, n.p). By implementing reforms and changes that address the concerns raised by the activists, the company can also show that it is dedicated to enhancing corporate governance and operational performance. By adopting best practices in board structure, executive compensation, and risk management, ABC Ltd. can show that it is serious about enhancing its corporate governance. This will show the activist investors that the company is responsive to their concerns and earn their trust. ABC Ltd. can maintain open lines of communication with the stakeholders and investors, providing regular updates on activity and outcomes. ABC Ltd. should update investors frequently on its progress in putting its strategic goal into practice and enhancing corporate governance. This will show the company’s dedication to openness and responsibility while keeping investors informed and interested (Hitt et al., 2019, n. p). ABC Ltd. should interact with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, clients, and investors, to gain support for its strategic vision and show its dedication to enhancing corporate governance and operational performance. By doing so, the organization can demonstrate its commitment to generating long-term value for all stakeholders and fostering a shared purpose.


ABC Ltd. will take several steps to implement its strategic vision and respond to activist investors’ concerns about corporate governance. First, it will assess and update a company’s board of directors to better monitor its management and operate at peak efficiency. Secondly, it will examine and modify ABC Ltd.’s executive compensation policies to better serve the company’s growth and the shareholders’ best interests (Hitt et al., 2019, n. p). Thirdly, the company will develop a compelling strategic vision and communicate it to its employees, customers, and investors. Lastly, ABC Ltd. will establish a system of reliable reporting and accountability to track the progress in implementing the changes.

To effectively express these changes to its stakeholders, ABC Ltd. should develop a comprehensive communication plan tailored to different stakeholder groups’ particular interests and concerns. This will enable ABC Ltd. to do so quickly and effectively. This could include holding frequent town hall meetings or sending out newsletters with updates to the company’s employees and clientele. ABC Ltd. has to create clear and concise investor communications. The company’s strategic direction and the specific efforts to overcome corporate governance concerns should be made clear in such materials, which could take the form of investor presentations.


Given the ongoing pressure from activist investors and other stakeholders, ABC Ltd. could respond by prioritizing long-term value creation and sustainable growth. The corporation may find a middle ground between the demands of the activist investors and the long-term goals of the company and its stakeholders through open and transparent communication and by making difficult decisions and taking courageous measures. To achieve its long-term strategic objective, ABC Ltd. can focus on both the innovation and growth prospects that align with that objective and the execution of the reforms and modifications that solve the concerns with corporate governance and improve operational performance (Hitt et al., 2019, n. p). The company may certify that it is meeting its aims and objectives and identify areas where adjustments are needed by regular analysis and assessment of its performance.


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Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2019). Strategic management: Concepts and cases: Competitiveness and globalization. Cengage Learning.


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