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Byways of Art Represent Cultural Diversity in Russia


Russia is a culturally art and architecture blessed country, from onion domes to stallion baroque, among many other arts. The cities in the country are decorated and beautified with different architectural designs with icons and various crafts that represent the country’s cultural diversity. From various research, the government is rich in performance art and visual arts, representing the country in different cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Kim, 2). Despite the stereotypes of their citizens, Russia is a country full of diverse cultures and ethnicity. This is evident from the arts prominent in various cities across the country. The paper will look at multiple cultural arts located in this city.

Moscow and saint peter are blessed cities in the world with arts. The two have the most trending skill in the world called ballet, founded in 1776. In Moscow, the ballet has a company called the Bolshoi ballet located at the Bolshoi theater of Moscow. The Mariinsky ballet is the second most famous ballet company located in St Petersburg in Russia. The Russian ballet is notable and unique globally due to its ability to feature very high extensions and most dynamic turns across the globe.

The other famous art symbol in Russia is the nesting dolls, which represent traditional Russian women. The nesting doll comprises six other dolls and is wooden made and can be pulled out to get an image of the same picture inside. The doll is called a matryoshka doll, colorfully painted to represent this traditional Russian girl. The nesting dolls are found in almost all cities in the country.

Onion domes are famous architectures in Russian churches among the big cities. They are colorfully painted and appear in three to represent the holy trinity. It is speculated that these onion domes first appeared during the reign of Ivan the terrible and are said to represent the vault to heaven. An excellent example of a well-structured architect of this nature is in St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, which is onion-shaped (Kivelson, 1).

Russia is also blessed to have the most famous composers and, in the literature field, the best-known writers whose works are known and read until today in most parts of the world. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky is a renowned composer known for works such as “swan lake,” whose belongings are showcased today in famous museums. Leon Tolstoy is a famous Russian writer well known for his work “crime and punishment,” which is read and available in most libraries across the globe.

Icons are another famous art segment in the country with a different form of representation. Other iconic models are still structured in different parts of the country, with the most notable being the iconic representation of Jesus Christ and Christian saints. They are most famous and present in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, where the Russian church is a member.


Russian’s diversity in the artwork is easily visible in the different structures present in the country’s cities. The art sector in Russian is an essential aspect that keeps the country famous and makes it a tourist destination center due to its wealth in arts. The artworks originated from the past and are still maintained today, especially in museums, performance art, and churches.

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