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Book Review: Global Politics


The book Global Politics was authored by Andrew Heywood in 2011, marking the book’s second edition. Andrew Heywood is a renowned British author focusing his text on political science and politics. The paper is a book review of Global Politics and aims to shed more light on the embedded topic of global politics. The paper starts with a summary of the key happenings in the book, such as providing an elaborative and comprehensive introduction to the complex concept of global politics and relative international relations and respective issues. Also, it addresses how the book integrates and discusses the theory and practice of international relations. Lastly, the paper provides a detailed discussion of critical considerations entailed in the book.


Global Politics provides a detailed introduction to international relations encapsulated in world politics. In that light, the book offers a broader discussion on the concepts of global politics and international relations to enhance the learner’s understanding, analysis and evaluation of embedded vital concerns. Imagine learning a new complex concept from a text that shallowly defines, introduces and shapes it. What would be the overall experience? On the contrary, the book implements an ingenious format to present international relations and relative world politics concerns. The text advances from basic definitions to crucial aspects that shape the concept of global politics and international relations. Also, the book creatively articulates and integrates the theory and practice of concurrent international relations. The aim is to equip the learners with a vast understanding of the theory and ideas that develop the concept of international politics. The book bounds the text in a theoretical framework that ensures proper academic comprehension of the idea.


The Global Politics text entails rich content introducing the concepts of world politics and modern international relations issues. Heywood uses a comprehensive and analytical approach to expose learners to various critical concepts about world politics and articulates numerous analytical inclinations to shed light on concurrent global affairs. Similarly, in their book World Politics, Haynes et al. (2017)provide an intriguing introduction to a wide array of critical issues that shape world politics and international relations alongside the factors influencing them. Both texts are introduction publications for the vast topic of global politics. They indicate that comprehensive and analytical language and tone are vital to inform learners and jog their minds as they interact with the content.

Besides, Global Politics is a text that comprehensively presents both theory and practice of international relations and integrates various disciplines that shape the modern world. Heywood (2011) uses an innovative approach to elaborate the concept of global politics by using clear exposition and significant utilization of examples and demonstrations to enhance the topic of international politics. The text is a compelling academic text. It provides learners with explicit and elaborative content that improves the understanding and interpretation of the concept to alleviate ambiguity in a complex topic. Besides, the text integrates conventional traditions of the theory of international relations with numerous disciplines that equips the learners with competency to comprehend the complex forces that determine the direction of the contemporary world. Similarly, World Politics creatively addresses the complex context of modern global politics, how states relate to one another, the influence of the political economy, human social well-being and other factors that are in play to shape global events (Haynes et al., 2017). An unambiguous text illuminates key world trends and international relations to render an immense view of global politics.


In conclusion, Global Politics comes in handy to provide a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the complex concepts of global politics and international relations. The book employs an innovative approach to introduce the concepts briefly and subsequently utilizes a blend of illustrative tools to enhance understanding of world politics. Reading the book would efficiently enable learners to grasp a more comprehensive view of the topic to enlighten them eventually.

Reference list

Haynes, J., Hough, P., Malik, S. and Pettiford, L. (2017). World politics: international relations and globalisation in the 21st century. London: Sage, Cop.

Heywood, A. (2011). Global politics. 2nd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


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