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Basic Principles of Competent Communication

As social entities rely on other individuals to accommodate their requirements, people require communication in their daily lives. In order to help each other and to ensure that individuals feel content, interaction is necessary throughout every stage of society’s groups (Bevan, 2020). However, there are times when miscommunications develop amid personal interactions, which make it difficult to hear or truly comprehend the information being communicated. This essay will look into the different reasons for these misunderstandings and offer some remedies to communicate more effectively. Interpersonal communication skills, which are vital for communication, should be constantly acquired.

Due to various communication barriers, the two ladies in the A Failure to Communicate clip could not converse adequately in most situations. The physical impairment of the individuals is among the grounds that communication is problematic. One could read lips to interpret what other individuals are stating because they are deaf. The character does have a veil concealing her lips, which makes it challenging for her to interpret lips while she listens. They are hard to read.

Moreover, the train’s clatter does not permit her to write down what she says so the other person can read it. These incidents created an obstacle between them, leaving the guy who needed help finding his way helpless at the station (Legrand, 2011). Additionally, there is miscommunication between the individuals since one is unaccustomed to using sign language, which the other utilizes to communicate.

Nevertheless, there are six rules to comply with to establish outstanding interpersonal communications. It includes accepting responsibility for the communication, bearing in mind that communication includes common understanding, seeing that an individual perspective on an issue is just one among several, honouring oneself and other people, and hearing to and assessing a remark made by someone before replying, learning, and exercising their expertise (Bevan, 2020). This article will only cover two of six principles—accepting ownership for personal communication style and realizing that personal perspective on a given instance is just one among so many and how to employ them to increase conversational rapport. First and importantly, it is essential to assume responsibility for any errors made during the communication procedure and message decoding and encoding. If someone does not even grasp what another individual is saying, you should pardon or communicate in a plainer, more understandable manner. If you do not even wholly grasp a question, you should not react immediately.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that each individual has a unique perspective on each subject under discussion. As a result, one should not limit the dialogue to what one thinks or would like to say (Bevan, 2020). Bigoted disrupts communication between individuals and ruins all kinds of connections. In addition, noise is among the numerous factors contributing to message misinterpretation. Technical noises, in which a moving train prevents one of the individuals in the clip from responding for the message to be transcribed into readable type for the deaf person to receive, is what the individuals in the video encounter. In summation, clear communication is an ability that requires being exercised constantly. Individuals need to be conscious of the impediments that might lead to misunderstandings and attempt to discover remedies to enhance efficient communication.


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