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Argumentative Essay: Is Freedom of Movement a Factor To Threaten World Peace?

Freedom of movement defines the right of an individual to travel from one place to another or from one country to another. This right also allows individuals to visit different places and change their residence depending on their decision. This right is usually provided in many nations’ constitutions and international law. Freedom of movement states that each person has the right to move freely and decide to live inside the margins of each country. This right also entails that every individual has the right to vacate from any country even though it is their own and return any restriction. Freedom of movement can also be restricted in several different ways. It may also vary within different nations depending on the situations and are commonly based on safety justification, order, and the citizens’ health (Zolka, et al. 2021).

For example, in a few countries, the freedom of movement is commonly limited, especially for women and people of a different race like the black and minority social groups. A country may also decide to restrict the right to freedom of movement during times of war or political instability in the nation. Governments may also confine the right of freedom of movement to individuals who may have been found guilty of crimes and have also been sentenced to a jail term. A person may also be denied the right to freedom of movement if they have been released on bail or are a material witness in a court of law. A court may also deny the freedom of movement of a child, especially if there is a child custody dispute that limits a parent’s ability to travel with the child to a different country.

I fully support the United Nations Security Council that war is not a right to freedom of movement. The United Nations Security Council states that states should not fight war except when the United Nations has sanctions or in emergencies involving self-defence, whether individually or collectively. United Nations Security Council is the most vital structure in the United Nations and can permit soldiers’ placement to help maintain peace to the conflicting nations. This council states that the start of a war between countries with conflict should not guarantee one nation to freely move to the other nation through forceful means because there is an ongoing conflict between the two countries (Zolka, et al. 2021). This is evident in the current ongoing invasion of Russia in Ukraine whereby it has deployed its troops within the boundaries of Ukraine who have allowed the citizens of Russia to freely move to Ukraine without any legal document claiming that it is their right to freely reside in Ukraine because the Russian government has taken rule over its territory.

The United Nation Security Council has taken action against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine who, have taken rule over its boundaries by mistreating citizen who resides in Russia and allowing its citizens to be located in Ukraine without taking into consideration the legal steps and document needed for them to move to Ukraine in the right order fully. This council strongly forbids the use of intimidation and strength in conflicts. It states that the conflict between nations like Russia and Ukraine should not give Russia the right to freely move to Ukraine without any proper arrangement and give its citizens credit to reside or mistreat the Ukrainian citizens for no reason (MOLDOVAN, C. 2021).

I strongly oppose the statement of the Russian ambassador who states that the aggressive invasion of the Russian government in Ukraine is a fundamental right that allows moving into Ukraine freely and demands that it is their right to freedom of movement. This invasion has violated the right to freedom of movement because it has allowed criminals into the Ukrainian territory who have freely moved in and started mistreating the citizens of Ukraine. The Russian government has also blocked the United Nations Security Council’s attempt to end the Ukraine crisis, seeking political action against the Russian military who invaded the Ukraine territory without any consultation (Zolka, et al. 2021).

It is wrong for Russian citizens to think that it is their right to freely move to the Ukrainian territory, especially during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, without any legal documents or steps. They argue that it is their right to freedom of movement because Ukraine belonged to them before the Russian revolution, which happened in 1917 which led to the formation of the Ukrainian nation before gaining its independence fully in 1991 after the disbanding of the Soviet Union. This is taking advantage of the citizens of Ukraine has increased terrorism and criminal activities in its territory for allowing the Russian citizen thus because there is a conflict between the two State (Cwicinskaja, et al., 2019).

In conclusion, I agree with the United Nations Security Council that war should not be a gate pass to give people the right to freedom of movement, mostly when there is a conflict between nations. This has led to increased terrorism and criminal activities because the criminal can easily reside in those countries. This also caused many deaths and hatred because people wanted to use force to enter the boundaries of countries involved in the war. People shouldn’t take advantage of the conflict between countries and enter their boundaries without proper arrangements. People should use the right legal documents like Visa, MasterCard, Passport and the Certificate of Movement in people, goods and services.


Cwicinskaja, N. (2019). Crimea and Liability of Russia and Ukraine under the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights. Przegląd Prawniczy Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza, (9), 85-100.

Zolka, V., Tsarenko, O., Kushnir, I., Tsarenko, S., & Havrik, R. (2021). The impact of the pandemic COVID-19 on the human right to freedom of movement. European Journal of Sustainable Development10(1), 376-376.



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