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Apple Inc. Case Study

Apple Inc. is a technology company in the states specializing in online services, consumer electronics, and software. It is also one of the most significant information technology organizations globally, with revenue of over $365.8 billion by 2021 (He, 2021). This is also the second-largest mobile manufacturer, the 4th largest computer vendor, and the most valuable company globally. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. It was primarily designed to sell apple one personal computers. In 1977 apple 2 became a best seller and aspect that increased the company’s revenue significantly (Tien et al., 2019). By 1980 Apple Company went public, increasing financial investment and subsequent success. The company ventured into other product lines, such as developing new computers with Graphic user interfaces (Tien et al., 2019). The company headquarters is at apple Parkway Cupertino in California. The company has leveraged current advances in information and communication technology to become one of the most successful technology companies across the world. It has sold its products and services to different regions, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The current chief executive officer of apple is Tim Cook, who assumed the responsibilities in 2011. Timothy Donald Cook was born in 1960, and he is currently one of the most renowned American business executives (He, 2021). He joined up in 1998, assuming the responsibility of senior vice president for global operations, and then became the chief executive officer on August 24th, 2011 (Tien et al., 2019). The former chief executive officer Steve Jobs died later the same year, leaving Tim Cook the responsibility to keep up the pace in expanding the business’s operations. Under his tenure as the chief executive officer, Tim Cook advocated for Political reforms in domestic and international cyber security, surveillance, environmental preservation, and American manufacturing. As the CEO between 2011 and 2020, Tim Cook managed to double the company’s revenue and profits (Tien et al., 2019). The market value of this company also improved from 348 billion to 1.9 trillion during the same tenure making him one of the most successful seen executive officers in the industry. Tim Cook’s vision for Apple is to improve their customers’ experiences through innovative hardware services and software.

The primary business strategy applicable by Apple Company is product differentiation data. This multinational Technology Company has emphasized the differentiation of its services and products based on functionality, attractive design, and simplicity (He, 2021). This has also been the basis for its competitive advantage that primarily focuses on constant innovation and the production of high-quality products and services (Tien et al., 2019). This company’s strategic positioning is based on creating emotional connections with consumers by providing exceptional experiences in a company that is filled with stiff competition from other technology companies (Tien et al., 2019). The company seeks to stand out as the provider of the best quality at the lowest available prices, considering Environmental Conservation as corporate social responsibility, among other strategies. Apple Company stocks are traded on the NASDAQ global select market with the stock symbol is AAPL. The 52 week low of stock prices and 52 weeks of high prices on April 27th was at 122.25 to 182.94, respectively.

Reports from the annual financial results of the fiscal year 2022 were announced on January 27th at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA. this report indicates that the company’s revenue was at one $23.9 billion, which was a significant increase of 11% from the previous year (He, 2021). According to CEO Tim Cook, these significant results were an attribute of the innovative lineup of services and products that the company has been delivering for the past few years. These results have also made it possible for The Company to give over $27 billion to its shareholders during the same quarter (Tien et al., 2019). The board of directors in apple has also declared a cash dividend of$0.22 per share from the company’s common stock. This dividend will be paid by February 10th, the same year. The company holds its annual shareholders’ meeting in 2022 on Friday, March 4th.

If I was applying for a job or internship in Apple Company, there are several aspects that I need to consider, one of which is the company’s core value command mission, and vision (He, 2021). The core values of this company are also integral to understanding the implications of internship and employment opportunities. In this case, therefore, seeking an Employment opportunity will require communication skills and advanced knowledge about the company’s core values, culture, mission, and vision (He, 2021). The company has emphasized cultural competency, team spirit, and innovation which are implicit in the interview. I will therefore present myself as a team player who understands cultural perspectives in marketing and production in the company (Tien et al., 2019). The interval also considers some of the additional knowledge and skills that make me a fit for the organization. Other strategies for this interview will be a study for the job description, answering several examples of STAR method questions, and researching the company’s interviewers.

The recent shareholders’ meeting was primarily focused on major news, such as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on its operations and how to improve it. Other areas of focus were the current war in Europe, one of the biggest markets for the company. Apple has taken an anti-war policy against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and suspended its operations in line with the current sanctions imposed by the USA and NATO countries.

One recent news in the New York Times is the soaring profits by apple, which have doubled, especially in the sale of iPhones. In the story, the company stipulated that it had doubled its profit to 23.6 billion in 2021 (Nicas, 2021). According to the company management, the revenue rose by 54%, reaching approximately $89 billion. One of the most recent public relations challenges by Apple Company was its dilemma and conflicts with the FBI regarding privacy concerns (Fiegerman, 2016). Tim Cook refused the order by the FBI to unlock one of their phones found in the terrorist suspect’s possession. The company was more concerned about its privacy policies for its consumers in the long term. The social media presence of apple has intensified significantly over the past few decades owing to social media access and connectivity across the world. Twitter and Face book, for instance, have been used as marketing tools for the company to advertise its products and services to reach the highest number of people. Social media has also been the basis for market expansion and attracting potential talents as the company has a culture of hiring employees from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


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