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Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence and the Law

Discussion of Relevance of Information Provided

The article provided is a credible source of Domestic Violence and Law as my research topic. I selected my sources from recently previewed scholarly essays published within the last five years. In addition, I ensured the article addressed the possible causes of Domestic Violence, the effects, and the proposed solution to reduce the problem. Therefore, the information provided is relevant to the research topic as it outlines facts and opinions intended to address the effects of DV.

McPhee, D., Hester, M., Bates, L., Lilley-Walker, S. J., & Patsios, D. (2021). Criminal justice responses to domestic violence and abuse in England: an analysis of case attrition and inequalities using police data. Policing and Society, 1-18. The article provides an overview of what happens to incidents of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) once reported to police by the survivors and victims. Moreover, the paper explores the significant challenges encountered by the criminal justice system in providing a solution to DVA cases. The research used draws extensive data from various incidents concerning DVA. Finally, this paper discloses the information on the effects of domestic violence, such as vulnerability and victim gender, as the incidents implicate the progression of cases through legal systems.

Deshpande, S. (2019). Sociocultural and legal aspects of violence against men. Journal of Psychosexual Health1(3-4), 246-249. The article addresses the need for gender-neutral laws to solve gender-based violence cases for men and women. This article also discloses the socioeconomic variations affecting both men and women abused verbally, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, or physically. Moreover, it addresses how the law in a society favors women as the only victims of domestic violence, which prevents men from getting their justice. Therefore, it’s an excellent source of information on DV and the law.

Easteal, P., Young, L., & Carline, A. (2018). Domestic violence, property and family law in Australia. International Journal of Law, Policy and The Family32(2), 204-229.

The article address the increase in domestic violence (DV) cases in Australia. The article explains how the recognition of DV has been slowed by a shortage of appropriate responses to challenges. Also, the paper addresses the how and why relevance of feminist perspectives are essential in ways family violence intersect with family law property matters. In addition, the article addresses the importance of reconsidering legislative laws and other responses to solve the issue of family violence and property. Therefore, the article is relevant in addressing domestic violence and law research.

Nix, J., & Richards, T. N. (2021). The immediate and long-term effects of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders on domestic violence calls for service across six U.S. jurisdictions. Police practice and research22(4), 1443-1451. The article addresses the increase in domestic violence cases due to Covid-19 stay-at-home laws. Therefore, it is an excellent source of getting information on how specific orders may increase domestic violence cases. In addition, the result of the research discloses six jurisdictions that were experienced as a result of domestic violence calls to get the service. Thus, this article remains a good source of information that links domestic violence to laws and orders in society.

Miller, A. R., & Segal, C. (2019). Do female officers improve law enforcement quality? Effects on crime reporting and domestic violence. The Review of Economic Studies86(5), 2220-2247. This article study’s the role of female officers in improving domestic violence and other violent cases in the U.S. Through the crime victimization data provided, it is clear that female representation in the police department has resulted in more DV cases than before. Therefore, this article will serve as a good source on the solution to domestic violence cases and the laws that can be put into practice to solve the social-economic problem.

Easteal, P., Bartels, L., & Mittal, R. (2019). The importance of understanding the victims’ ‘reality’ of domestic violence. Alternative law journal44(1), 11-16. The article focuses on the unconscious assumptions filtering out the diverse realities of domestic violence victims. Moreover, despite the interventions of the policies and legal reforms, biases continue influencing how the relevant legislations are interpreted and applied. The article address the importance of judicial officers being aware of the seriousness and harm of domestic violence, which results in mental and psychological abuse of the victims. Therefore, the article is relevant in revealing how laws should be put in place to sentence DV breaches and offenses.

Erbaş, R. (2021, May). Effective criminal investigations for women victims of domestic violence: The approach of the ECtHR. In Women’s Studies International Forum (Vol. 86, p. 102468). Pergamon. The article focuses on the main constituents of the operational criminal investigation process and the limitation in addressing domestic violence-linked cases. Besides, the report explores the best approach to law in providing a solution to criminal investigation for women victims as primary victims of DV from the criminal process of law. Consequently, criminal laws are formulated to protect women from domestic violence through the article.

Williams, L., & Walklate, S. (2020). Policy responses to domestic violence, the criminalization thesis, and ‘learning from history. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice59(3), 305-316. The article uses historical sample samples to explore the perspective of legislative interventions beyond the criminal laws in handling domestic violence against women. The authors outline the essential lessons to be learned from addressing cases of DV. Moreover, the legislators sought to reduce the vulnerability of women to violence and exploitation at the hand of their spouses via reformed divorce, property, and child custody laws. Therefore, the article is an excellent source of information about DV and law research.

McCallum, T., & Rose, J. (2021). Domestic violence, coercive control, and mental health in a pandemic: disenthralling the domestic ecology. Health sociology review30(3), 260-274. The article discusses family and domestic violence as a public and social health issue mainly due to policy frameworks of economic and social structures. The authors propose home as a site for DV that can be framed as an ecology facilitating the smooth running of family and domestic violence. Moreover, the article focused on interest in coercive control and the effect of stay-at-home orders to control the spread of Covid-19, which has increased violence among families, thus, making it an essential source for my research.

Wangmann, J., Laing, L., & Stubbs, J. (2020). Exploring gender differences in domestic violence reported to the NSW Police Force. Current Issues in Criminal Justice32(3), 255-276. The article addresses the intensifying debate about the gendered nature of DV within the past decades as recorded in the police data. Moreover, the article is intended to fill some gaps in research exploring the increase in cases of women DV offenders and the laws and reforms processed for reforms in the USA. More importantly, the article outlines the limitations of efforts on incidence focus on examining the behavior forms such as Domestic violence cases, making it an excellent source for my research.


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