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Ancient Astronauts Theory

Ancient Aliens is a show that provides compelling evidence about human history and how extra-terrestrial visitors molded it. Many loyal fans of the show are intrigued by the evidence presented, and they have agreed with the exposition detailed in the show that the world was molded by these terrestrial visitors. Watching the first two episodes of the first season, I got an opportunity to see things from the point of view of you, the audience. The episodes revolved around a book that is called Chariots of the Gods. The author presents questions on various principles people believe in, including the religious and evolution theory. It places several weaknesses on the various aspects of these two theories while trying to sell the idea of extra-terrestrial beings. This paper is aimed at analyzing the extra-terrestrial beings while considering the totality of the weak links that conform to the theory in regards to its scientific information backup. The reality is that we cannot completely believe the theory of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings in its entirety because it has no scientific basis behind it.

There are various perspectives in which human beings have approached the history of the world and who molded it (God, Aliens, evolution, etc.). The first perspective to look at is the one presented in Ancient AliensAncient Aliens highlights various issues that point towards extra-terrestrial beings being part of human history. Most individuals who prescribe to this understanding of human history and the show have been compelled to believe that the existence of ancient aliens (or astronauts according to the show) is accurate because there are many features in the current world that could not have been constructed by human beings because they lacked the technology at that time to do them. The only logical explanation, according to ancient astronaut theorists, is that extra-terrestrial beings are the cradle of the earth.

Their claims in the shows reviewed by “The evidence” revolved around the Egyptian pyramids (The evidence 2010). The pyramids used large stones that human beings could not carry when creating them. Added to that fact, the architecture used by the creators of “Ancient Aliens” required significant technology that human beings did not possess during that period (The evidence 2010). The position of technology in understanding some of the most relevant (and commonplace beliefs) cannot be underestimated. This factor brings the argument that extra-terrestrial beings traveled from one planet to another, and their presence on these planets enabled them to construct different items. To support this, how did identical pyramids find themselves in different regions separated by oceans? There are pyramids in Mexico, and a surprising factor is that they use the same architecture and design as those used in Egypt. The theory is that the terrestrial beings were traveling across planets, moving from Egypt and spending some time in Mexico. This argument is compelling, but the hardened fans of this show should not take their eyes from other perspectives while deciding.

Different views

Tremendous research has been undertaken in Egypt to ascertain the possibility of human beings carrying the large stones used to build the pyramids, and a 4500-year-old ramp system was discovered (Rossi, 5). This ramp system played a vital role in rolling stones out of quarries, and this provides important evidence on the ability of human beings to carry large stones. The ramp system is composed of a central ramp flanked by two staircases and has several postholes. The early Egyptians used a sled that carried stone blocks attached to ropes to the wooden posts to pull large alabaster rocks out of quarries that had very steep slopes. If the early Egyptians had this kind of knowledge and technology, they could carry the large stones easily and use them to build their pyramids. According to Laycock (3), this discovery casts into doubt the inability of human beings to build the pyramids and more doubts on the claim of extraterrestrial beings as builders of the pyramids.

Compounding doubt on the theory of extraterrestrial beings being molders of the earth is the site of Puma Punku in western Bolivia. The show suggests that the stones in the region were also too large, and the people’s technology was not adequate to support such architecture. There, however, exists evidence that can prove this theory otherwise. The people living in the area are the Tiwanaku. The Tiwanaku had advanced technology, and they were able to construct various civic infrastructure that included functional irrigation schemes, waterproof sewage lines, and hydraulic mechanisms. The technology they used to develop these structures was adequate in developing puma punku. There exist two theories that point to the people being able to undertake these constructions, and the first is using the llama skin rope. The people lived in an area with llamas giving them the ability to make firm ropes. The ropes were used in conjunction with ramps and inclined planes, making it possible to move the large structures without too much human labor. Humans did not need sophisticated technology to carry the stones, but they had adequate technology to transport the stones. If humans transported these stones, then the existence of extra-terrestrial beings is cast to further doubt.

Percent of People who believe there is life on other Planets

Fig. 1 Graph of PEW Research Center Survey, Courtney Kennedy and Arnold Lau,

According to the Pew Research Center, which surveyed 10,417 U.S. adults, 65% of adults believe intelligent life exists on other planets (Fig. 1). Surprisingly, the data shows that most Americans do not see UFOs as a threat. As noted in Fig. 2 below, 76% of younger adults (>30) believe that intelligent life does, in fact, exist on other planets, whereas 57% of those older adults (<50) concur. This belief in UFOs and aliens falls in line with the pseudoarchaeological science this show is promoting.

Existence of ET Life Belief

Fig. 2 Graph of PEW Research Center Survey, Courtney Kennedy and Arnold Lau,

We cannot completely trust the perspectives on the history of humankind. When we view the biblical account of human history, the accounts of Ancient Aliens provide various contradictions. There is an account of Ezekiel describing his encounter with God. In Ezekiel’s encounter, he states that the angels had four wings and the face of human beings. He described the noise that the wings produce as the thundering of a waterfall (The evidence 2010). It is possible that several accounts of human history can make us believe in the progression of humans, life over the years, snippets of realistic evidence that relay the same information that is argued out through specific historical views. However, elucidating the real historical outcomes through scientific research greatly juxtaposes the human belief at this point. With such comes the historical connection made therein (Laycock, 8). The methods of research used, for instance, draw considerable strength to this argument. Basically, there is no specific and accurate counter to prove the efficacy of the arguments and discoveries made in the show. With this, however, it doesn’t mean that the truth will be forever dipped in the darkness of assumption (Coppens, 7). Coming up with accurate and applicable scientific engagements to uncover these fronts is the best avenue to possibly unearth the truth behind the accuracy of the arguments and their historical connection (Rossi, 2). Therefore, this implies that we cannot completely trust the perspectives on the history of humankind.

Nevertheless, when we look at data on space exploration, space exploration has been made possible through technology, and life forms survive in space by wearing special suits that protect them from the harsh conditions in space (Rossi, 2). Extensive technological advancements have been made to aid human beings in accessing the uninhabitable solar system. A question that still exists is how aliens can survive in the uninhabitable conditions of the solar system. There have been no traces of spacecraft rather than those that have been used by human beings. There have also been no traces of spacesuits that have been used by aliens in surviving in these uninhabitable conditions of the solar systems (Laycock, 1). How is it then possible for aliens to traverse the solar system moving from one planet to another without equipment that can support them in these un-inhabitable environments?

The Ancient Aliens show provides different questions that trigger the viewers to question their religious beliefs and resort to supporting their claims without offering actual evidence in support of their claims. (Statista, 2). The existence of terrestrial beings and the issue of aliens modeling the earth provides claims, but there is little evidence to point at the existence of aliens. Many creatures that have lived on earth have left traces collected by archaeologists, and archaeologists have had reason to believe in their existence (Coppens, 4). The first is dinosaurs. The remnants of dinosaurs, including their skull and bones, have been reconstructed and placed in various museums worldwide. People have adopted a belief in the existence of dinosaurs. No human has ever seen a dinosaur in real life but can draw one comfortably because of irrefutable evidence that points to their existence (Rossi, 3). There are many claims on their existence regarding aliens and terrestrial beings, and these claims do not have scientific evidence backing them (Laycock 105). Dinosaurs existed thousands of years ago, and some traces point to their existence; why is the situation not the same for terrestrial beings. When they died, didn’t they leave any traces of their bones here on earth? What did they look like? There are more questions than answers when it comes to this topic, and there are more theories than explanations.

Scientists have invested in research to ascertain the presence of aliens for many years now (Rossi, 2). According to the theory on extra-terrestrial beings, Coppens (2) states that the beings moved from one planet to another, which is why the show calls the aliens astronauts. Scientists have researched to establish the existence of aliens, and the result has always been theories. Some people have described sightings with terrestrial beings, including Edgar Mitchelle and Cady Coleman. Buzz Aldrin gave a compelling encounter on board the Appollo 11, and he stated that he saw something flying alongside them (Coppens 82). They first thought that flying alongside them was the final stage of a detached rocket only for mission control to confirm it was approximately 6000 miles away from them (Statista, 2). All this evidence that attempts to point towards the existence of terrestrial beings are theories that have no proof attached to them. Why are only a few people having sightings with aliens? If Aldrin saw an alien flying alongside the Apollo 11, why are other astronauts who have gone on the same missions not been able to see the aliens fly alongside them?

Scientists who attempt to prove the existence of these extra-terrestrial beings always have a very small account to give. They cannot answer questions like whether they can live with humans (Rossi, 6). Whether they need oxygen to survive and how the terrestrial beings could survive on other planets without oxygen. There is a question that people supporting this view cannot answer, and it is the question of where the aliens came from. How sure can people be that God did not create the aliens? The aliens cannot exist out of the blue, and their existence needs to get explained. Where did they get the knowledge that enabled them to undertake all the stated work, like the construction of the great pyramids?


In conclusion, different views can explain the history of humankind. Each view has its strengths and weaknesses. Ancient Aliens is a show that looks at the weaknesses of various perspectives that address the history of human beings. The show postulates a theory that ancient astronauts molded the world we live in. There is evidence that points to the phenomenon, and an example is the Egyptian pyramids. The theory of pyramids being built using large rocks that human beings could not carry. The technology of that period was also not adequate to construct the architecture of that magnitude. This statement is not true because a 4500-year-old ramp system was discovered that could carry the large stones from quarries. Such technology helped human beings build the pyramids and cast doubts on the existence of terrestrial beings as molders of the earth. The evidence further shows that human beings had adequate technology to construct puma punku. The theory of extra-terrestrial beings as molders of the earth has several doubts cast on it, and it should not be believed in its entirety.

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