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Analysis of the Theme of Suicide in the Play Hamlet

Suicide is a major topic in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet expresses many times some desire to commit suicide. Shakespeare Hamlet’s play views suicide practice as human torture and is not accepted both morally and religiously(Lora. np). Hamlet argues that many people choose to survive in spite of the agony, inhuman and injustice faced in daily living. Due to some religious beliefs and terror of what usually took place after death, people find it is difficult to commit suicide since nobody is aware of the next step after taking life. The methods of identifying suicide in the whole play by Shakespeare are what explains the very topic and in consequence in the whole play.

William Shakespeare came up with the play in the course of the Elizabethan Era, the period was of firm regulations that were influencing the reaction of characters concerning suicide. In the 17th era, killing someone was against the norms of society, and Elizabethan outlined that those who were involved in any of these activities were embalming with stick steer into their bodies( While believing suicide is inappropriate Hamlet in the play decides to live because he will eventually revenge Claudius for the assassination of his father. Hamlet’s belief is very important as it gives him a sense of hope and belief that one day he will be victorious. Without the prospect of revealing that Claudius murdered his father then finally exacting reprisal on him, Hamlet would have gone mad and seriously considered suicidal. The extent of hope to the topic of suicide is very crucial as it keeps someone away from engaging in suicidal activities and creates a sense of living to improve the future. Despite the fact that Shakespeare believed suicide was the only option as a method of getting away with his misfortunes, he grew up taking into account the outcome of death as a result of his occurrence. He acknowledged his cowardice in dealing with his activities due to fear of perishing(hurmWorkSa, Svitlana.9-28s). As Shakespeare realizes death is an inherent part of life, he realizes compulsory time making and counting on it.

The play recognizes the concept as being a complicated one so it is upon each individual to come up with an appropriate meaning to die. Other characters taking part in the play profile death for opposing inhumanity in Salem, but Proctor seems to be most informed. In case, he admits that he would like to succumb to the effect(DeCicco,np) Shakespeare shortens the most inherent things in the world. People who commit suicide have the feeling that there is absolutely nothing or rather an option left from them. The people experiencing suicide according to the play are the majority left with nothing they can rely on and there is no other purpose for them to be seen. However, they do not commit suicide lightly. These folks do consider the benefits and drawbacks of ending their lives. In William Shakespeare’s classic play, Hamlet is the character who is fascinated by death and mostly the prospect of taking his life through suicide (hurmWorkSa, Svitlana 9-28s ). Hamlet’s soliloquy regarding suicide, regarding prominent motif in Shakespeare’s play, almighty has put his canon against self-slaughter. The play support that in the event of suicide, the occurrence affects the entire community and the remaining general society lives in fear over the occurrence. In act eleven Hamlets concluded that no one would wish to live in the universe if they are not aware of what took place after death.

The play tries to bring out the effects of suicide to the general society and how it has affected the people involved and the remaining members. From the play we find that s Hamlet’s father was assassinated by Claudius, Hamlet did not think of committing suicide to evade the suffering. He lives with the hope that one day he will recollect himself and get revenge on the killer. The plays try to create a sense of survival even if things are not going in the expected ways. The play created a sense that no one has the capability to determine what will take place after death and is also against the customs to take your life. The play provides useful information in dealing with difficult situations. The character that experiences the assassination of his father did not commit suicide however the situation he was facing(

In conclusion, the theme of suicide is dominant in Shakespeare and it involves major characters in the play. However, the way deal with the condition should be depicted in our daily lives to avoid unnecessary deaths involves in the daily lives.

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