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Sociology Paper Sample: Case Conceptualization

The chosen movies for this course are “A beautiful mind” and “Manic”. This explication is going to look at the “big picture” in the two movies. To start with, the movie “A beautiful mind” revolves around John Nash who hails from West Virginia and has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University. John Nash got a job at MIT and taught multivariable calculus to a student by the name Alicia Larde. This led to a fruitful relationship whereby the two got married and bore a son. Later, John was unwillingly taken to a psychiatric hospital. Nash went through a series of remissions and relapses in the next few decades since he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia (Kuhn & Nasar, 2001). This movie’s title is derived from the fact that John has a brilliant mind and at the same gets paranoid, which takes effect on his life to a greater extent.

John Nash was not able to resume his full duty as a professor after his illness since his brilliance had been diminished. However, his family along with his colleagues at work treated him with the utmost respect. All these virtues are depicted in the way thought is influenced by John’s emotions through the way he accomplishes great things in graduate school and is recognized for having an original idea. Therefore, for John to survive Schizophrenia, his mind necessitated focus, a brilliant mind fueled for several years by his ambition to get well and retrieve his position as the professor. John’s healing was also of great need since his son needed his attention as he grew up while his wife also needed intimacy. All these expectations required a loving heart that would be guided by self-assessment.

The “big picture” in this movie that can be based on sociology revolves around the mind state of John Nash. For starters, Nash, his wife, and colleagues do not realize his deteriorating state of mind. This is because they link all his behaviors to his unique mathematical mind. This brings a contrast between the two people since they marvel at John’s genius state only to sympathize with his madness later. John’s state of mind is critical since even the doctor administers the insulin coma therapy for his healing. This is linked to the subculture at Princeton whereby John refuses to go to class. His refusal leaves him with adequate time to do research and come up with an original idea. This made him win the 1978 Von Neumann Theory Prize and a 1999 Steele Prize.

The situation faced by John Nash also affects his family greatly. Dealing with a schizophrenic person is not easy at all. John’s wife has to gather the courage to help her husband recover as well as come back home. This also affects their son who has to stay for some time without a father. This certifies the fact that schizophrenia affects the lives of those who suffer from it along with the care takers (Milnor, 1998). John’s behavior also bothers his colleagues at work whereby he had to halt his classes in order to go for medical treatment. This meant that the work he had been doing as a professor had to come to a stop so as to take care of more delicate matters.

John Nash had his two sides of life that saw him accomplish several things. This begins from the job he got as a professor in MIT to teach mathematics. His academic career gives him a broader scope of wanting to know more. This made him fail to go to classes so that he invented new dimensions in Mathematics. More so, his love life is brought to the limelight when he falls in love with Alicia. This was after their interaction in class as he taught her Calculus, which leads to their marriage. The bait of love created by the two ends up well since even after John falls sick, his family is there to support him. John eventually feels better and goes back to work though he could not work like before.

John has to adhere to the doctor’s instructions at the hospital since the doctor has administered a tough medication process. The insulin coma injection will cure John’s sickness though it comes with several side effects. For instance, the individual feels a bit uncomfortable, develops a high resistance to whatever affected him in the past and as he continues to fight it, the process seems challenging. However, John gets well from the help of doctors and his family.

The sociological perspective of this analysis tries to look at the schizophrenic state of the major character John Nash. Schizophrenia is a split of mind whereby John was able to see himself as having multiple personalities. For instance, one of the personalities he experienced was that of his roommate Charles Herman who studied English and Literature. This led to jumbled thinking and incongruous actions in everything he did. The amounting pressure and what the public expects of him is also on the rise. John amounts this pressure to a point where he fails to discover an original idea, a vision he greatly wanted to fulfil. Later, John gets an insight when his colleagues discuss on ways of approaching some women in a bar where John happened to be present. John is obviously afraid of approaching women and this makes him prefer the cooperative approach to them. This was after one of the members of the group argues that in such a situation, the best thing was “every man for himself”. From the bar incident, John comes up with a new perspective of looking at things. This he calls “a new concept of governing dynamics”.



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