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Wayward Pines Book Review

The Wayward Series is an interesting adventure that marks Blake Crouch an amazing writer. Black Crouch, the writer of Pines, Wayward and The Last Town, is an American writer who can entertain his readers with an interesting mystery story. The Three Books have a continuous story that gives an imaginary view of how Ethan Burke, a secret service agent, travelled to the Wayward Planes to investigate the disappearance of two agents. The beginning of the series sets curiosity and engagement for the readers to follow along with the story (Crouch 2). The ending of the series is fulfiling and satisfying, leaving readers wanting for more.

Ethan Burke is the main character, alongside David Pitcher, who help him with the investigations, and the two agents he is was looking for. Mysteries and thrill start when Ethan and David get involved in a car accident and wake up in a strange hospital in a town called Wayward Pines. The reason why Wayward is referred to as a weird town is that, when Edwin arrived in the town, he had an idea of the town but later, as he continued exploring the town and its people, he got more confused and unable to tell if the people in that town were real or creatures. Their characteristics fit the story very well and are convincing. Their Different personalities compliment the flow of the story, giving an idea that if one of them breaks out of the story before its end, it will end incomplete. Also, at the beginning of the story, Ethan finds the corpse of a woman whom someone from the town killed. When David received news that Ethan found a dead body of a woman who was one of his employees who worked in the mountains watching the town’s people, he requested Ethan to start a secret investigation to know who was behind the murder.

David is portrayed as a leader who is determined to oversee the surveillance of the villagers. Before the coming of Ethan into the town, he is said to have tried his best to make the town a peaceful place for the people by working against murder and other criminal cases. The murder event at the begging of the story sets a scary flow and narration, making readers more anxious (Crouch 16). Their emotional contribution to the story makes it real and easy to understand; the emotional changes in the story from the first book, which is the Pines, to the last book, The Last Town, allow the reader to be involved and comfortable.

The dialogues between the characters are easy to understand and relate to; it also gives more information. The language used is common, easily written and composed for the readers. The dialogues capture the characters’ authentic conversations in alignment with the storyline, for example, conversations between Ethan and Davis Pilcher. Blake’s writing skills turn the written story into a narration that ends up being an imaginary play to readers. The writer is creative and has powerful language control and clarity (Crouch 33). The pages, paragraphs, sentences and words used in the whole series are the exact amount needed since they complete the story perfectly and in a satisfying way without leaving the reader in suspension.

The whole book is fictional imaginary content based on science settings and characters. It uses science facts to excite its readers by portraying a thrilling experience of getting lost in an unknown place. The first book, Pines, gives an imaginary experience of Ethan being lost in a totally strange town full of weird people and surroundings, with weird rules and cultures. He does not remember how he wakes up in the hospital, giving an exciting and anticipating urge to know how he wakes up completely in a different environment. When David promoted Edwin as his new sheriff, the story becomes even more interesting as readers keenly know how the two will work together and solve the town’s problems. The part also contributes to the reader’s attentiveness since they want to know what happens next and why things in that strange town are weird.

The non-character things mentioned in the story are familiar. Therefore, the reader can easily relate to the story’s flow and activities. Some activities are familiar events that happen in the real world; therefore, the book is attractive from the start. Some of the events in the book are not realistic in real life, for example, how Edwin wakes up in a strange town and the occurrences of terrorism (Crouch 54). Ethan tries fighting against Wayward’s cultural practices, and he ends up being the target of everyone in that town. The scenarios that are not applicable in reality have been used to give the story more taste and excitement. The occurrence of terrorism in the story can be relatable in reality but not to the extent of bloodshed or multiple murder ago. The Books are highly real to the reality; this effect leaves the readers in a position of wanting to know more about the mysteries and adventures of Ethan.

In the series, we see some human beings turning to creatures with grey skin and no hair; the creatures are referred to as Abbies. In Wayward town, Abbies outside the great wall of the town would attack people and revolve. David and Ethan joined together to work against the Abbies and save people from inhuman rules that imprisoned people from freedom to live normally. In real life, the human being cannot and can never turn to Abbies. This part of the story was fictional and anxious for the readers. Another part of the book tells how human beings no longer exist (Crouch 37). In reality, human beings cannot be out of existence since they give birth to new generations in the constant process of life. Again, the part was to attract the reader’s attention and attentiveness, and at the same time scare them since the series is a thriller.

As delivered in the story, human beings cannot go out of existence due to climate change. Climate changes happen regularly, and humans have been created to adapt to changes brought about by weather changes. These scenarios are only imaginative and only apply in thrilling stories and plays. Human Characters hibernate due to winter changes; in real life, a human being is always active despite the weather sessions (Crouch 29). A human body is made to fight cold and actively continue with life as normal even when it is winter.

People would go for years without waking up or being active in the weird town. David Pitcher, the secret leader of the town, did put Ethan and some people into sleep for one thousand and eight hundred years. Such a situation can only be imaginary or fictional, but in reality, only the dead sleep for long inactively (Crouch 71). Also, Edwin has arrived in Wayward two thousand years before his wife and son. Edwin’s wife and son arrived in the town before Edwin and were later put to sleep by David for five years before reuniting. Human bodies are made to not wait for long without food, water and rest. When people cannot feed themselves, they eventually die out of hunger, yet in Wayward town, people would go years without eating or drinking anything. In The Wayward book, Edwin says the people of Wayward town are the most strange creatures he has ever seen, and this statement gives a clear reason why they would have abnormal features. If a person sleeps for more than twelve hours, they are critically ill or dead. Human beings are meant to be active and productive; if not, they are considered dead.

People of Wayward Town were spoiling the environment with unfriendly activities like clearing of lands where crops were they were planting their crops. With time, hunger was a threat since crops were not surviving on the empty land, and rain was scarce. Because of strong drought, rivers drained, crop farming became an issue, and starvation began (Crouch 77). In real life, due to more cases of soil erosion occurring every day, topsoil, which is suitable for crop growing, is being swept away and reduced. Soil erosion is the process of wind and water removing topsoil particles from the ground. Soil erosion can also be coursed by deforestation, land clearing, and farming since these activities involve removing and separating soil particles. Due to urbanization and infrastructure, the world is experiencing a land shortage for farming. Without crop farming, people are at risk of starving since a human being feeds on nighty five per cent of farm produce. The topsoil, essential for farming, consists of important minerals that help crops gain organic substances that help the human body.

Blake Crouch uses the books to narrate a story of how difficult and lifeless human beings would be if the world we live in were to turn abnormal. He uses the story of Edwin to indirectly ask his readers if the world was like Wayward town, would the current human generations exist? In conclusion, The Wayward Series is a story meant to give readers ideas of hardships people would go through if murder and terrorism were tolerated. The story is also informative and educative, especially on cases threatening life. Blake gives an imaginary adventure that is risky but worth taking. He proves that weirdness can be exciting and dangerous.

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